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Armani Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures have steadily evolved over the years, both in the Extraction and the Restoration process. AlviArmani has been leading research and development aimed at giving patients the latest technological advancements. The Vitruvian FUE method is a new revolutionary hair transplant procedure that innovates both in the Extraction and Restoration process. The number of men and women demanding the new technology is growing rapidly, bringing in a whole new era in hair transplant procedures.

Extraction Method

The doctor will select the proper quantity and quality of donor hair from the back and sides of the patient’s head. The hair is carefully chosen to match the texture of the hair that was lost. The follicles are then delicately removed and prepared for the transition. There are two extraction methods widely used: F.U.S.S. (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction). Although the names of the extraction methods have become the primary means of differentiating the procedures, it is important to understand that the removal of the follicle is only part of the process. The objective of this part of the procedure is to achieve the successful removal of targeted follicles with the least invasive method possible. AlviArmani has completely discontinued the use of the FUSS extraction method due to its highly invasive nature. The FUSS extraction method requires the removal of a large piece of tissue (typically from ear to ear) from the donor area. This leaves the patient with a long, linear scar, often preventing the patient from ever being able to wear a shorter hair style. Of greater concern is the fact that FUSS extraction method greatly diminishes the usable donor hair. This is due to the reduction in skin elasticity that occurs after each FUSS procedure. In addition to these issues, the FUSS method of extraction also increases recovery time and leads to unnecessary discomfort for the patient. AlviArmani has developed its own proprietary Maximus FUE extraction process. AlviArmani’s trademark Maximus FUE process allows for the removal of each hair, one by one via a microscope, without the use of a scalpel. It allows for the extraction of 4000+ follicular units in a single day session. Removing individual follicles with a microscopic instrument allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally. Patients receive greater freedom regarding hair styling choices and a diminished healing time, allowing them to return to the normal activities of life sooner.

Restoration Method

After the extraction process is completed, the follicles are relocated to the area of the scalp that has experienced loss. Typically the balding areas in need of restoration are the hairline, mid head and/or crown. In order for this process to be successful the following elements must be taken into account: hairline shape and placement, temple angle shape and placement, hair density, hair angling, angle variance and natural hair grouping design. Most clinics use outdated techniques that result in low density and yield unnaturally designed hair lines, resulting in a detectable outcome. AlviArmani has developed its own proprietary Vitruvian Design restoration process which duplicates naturally growing hair design. In combination with our Maximus FUE extraction method we are able to exercise greater control over the selection and placement of appropriate donor hair, with which we can design a totally full and natural looking hairline, transitioning seamlessly into the hair on the top, back and sides.

The final results – a restored sense of confidence and a head of hair you can finally be proud of.

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