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Golden Achievement Award in Hair Restoration

We are pleased to announce that AlviArmani hair clinic in Beverly Hills is the proud recipient of HairSite's Golden Achievement Award in recognition of the clinic's unparalleled accomplishments in the hair transplant industry both in the US and around the world.

For over 20 years, HairSite has witnessed the evolution and transformation of the hair transplant industry from what used to be a traumatic surgical experience for the patients to minimally invasive FUE procedures and more recently the emergence of the much anticipated cell based hair therapy. Throughout this time, the medical team at AlviArmani unequivocally reinvented themselves and pushed AlviArmani to the forefront in cutting edge hair restoration technologies providing world class hair restoration services for his patients both in terms of quality and consistency.

AlviArmani has been around since 1999 performing hair transplants at the highest of level. For over two decades, the name AlviArmani epitomizes the best in hair restoration both in terms of artistic excellence, quality and consistency.

Among some of the notable accomplishments of the AlviArmani team include:

AlviArmani hair clinic has published an unprecedented 268 official hair transplant results over 15 consecutive years and earned itself the #1 Top Ranked  hair clinic in the United States for 5 consecutive years according to statistics compiled by HairSite. <1>

 In the latest hair clinic rankings OF ALL TIME published by HairSite based on 10 years of hair transplant statistics covering nearly 3,500 patient results and almost 80 clinics in the world, AlviArmani ranked #1 in the United States and #2 overall worldwide. <2>

AlviArmani is the first ever clinic featured on HairSite who offers minimally invasive, non-surgical Exosome cell based hair therapy to his patients. Exosomes are nano particles that are responsible for sending genetic signals between cells and is one of the most cutting edge hair restoration and hair regrowth technologies available in recent years.

AlviArmani is one of the few clinics in the US that offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cell therapy combined with FUE Hair Restoration procedures for faster recovery and optimal yield. PRP is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that uses the patient's own blood as growth factors to promote healthy hair growth. Combining PRP with the FUE procedure induces faster healing, less down time post op and earlier results.

AlviArmani is one of the few clinics in the US and around the world that offers body hair transplants (BHT). Body hair transplant is a very demanding procedure that requires a tremendous amount of expertise and experience way beyond what is typically expected from FUE hair transplant doctors. The technique is a game changer for patients with severely depleted donor supply. Nowadays there are only a few truly experienced body hair transplant clinics in the United States.

AlviArmani is one of very few hair transplant clinics in the world that offers “No Shave” FUE hair transplant procedure. This derivative of FUE technique can reduce downtime for the patient substantially. Very often, patient can return to work as early as the next day with little or no signs of having any work done. The medical team at AlviArmani can perform hair restorations of up to 3,000 grafts in one session without shaving down the patient’s scalp which is a lot more than what other clinics can accomplish using the “No Shave” technique.

AlviArmani is the only featured clinic on HairSite that offers patients a complete line of prescription strength topical hair regrowth medications that are proprietarily formulated and invented. Among some of the medications for hair regrowth include high potency topical minoxidil of up to 8%, topical finasteride and topical dutasteride. In addition, patients at AlviArmani can also have access to AlviArmani’s proprietary line of haircare products called Origenere that is formulated from the ground up using organic ingredients for maximum potency and the ultimate in haircare experience.

alviarmani hair transplant beverly hills

Top Ranked #1 Worldwide

And to top it off, we are pleased to announce that after decades of unyielding dedication and hard work, AlviArmani Beverly Hills is the first ever American clinic to be crowned the Top Ranked #1 Hair Clinic Worldwide based on the number of successful hair restoration patient results published in HairSite open forum for year 2021. This is unprecedented by any standards as no American doctor or clinic has ever been able to clinch this title since we have been tracking  published patient results in our forum a decade ago.

This is the first ever award of its kind ever given out by HairSite and no clinic is more deserving of this honor than AlviArmani as measured by their commitment to being the best hair restoration clinic in the world.

Alviarmani hair transplant beverly hills
AlviArmani Hair Transplant Beverly Hills

To learn more about AlviArmani:

♥ website www.AlviArmani.com
♥ email: eric@alviarmani.com
♥ tel: 866.607.6220

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<1> Based on patient results published in HairSite open forum year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.
<2> Based on 10 years hair transplant patient results published in HairSite open forum from 2011 to 2019.


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