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Caffeine Hair Growth Studies

caffeine hair growth studies
Caffeine Hair Growth Studies

Caffeine hair growth studies show encouraging results using caffeine as a hair growth stimulant.  The main and key ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Because coffee is widely consumed on a daily basis worldwide, most people do not realize that caffeine is actually classified as a drug. As a matter of fact, caffeine is a stimulant of the methylxanthine class and can affect our central nervous system.

Recent studies have shown a potential link between caffeine and its effect in promoting hair growth in huams. In addition, some of our very astute forum members have also expressed interests in these studies and started their own discussions pertaing to this topic.

Caffeine and Hair Growth Human Studies

The following are some of the caffeine hair growth studies we have come across in recent years that we believe are worth mentioning. These studies capture our attention because unlike most clinical studies that are done in mice, the studies we itemize below involved human subjects:

♥ Role of Caffeine in the Management of Androgenetic Alopecia.
International Journal of Trichology.
Authors: Manish Bansal, Kajal Manchanda, and Shyam Sunder Pandey.

♥ Differential effects of caffeine on hair shaft elongation, matrix and outer root sheath keratinocyte proliferation, and transforming growth factor.
British Journal of Dermatolog.
Authors: T.W. Fischer, E. Herczeg-Lisztes, W. Funk et al.

♥ Effect of caffeine and testosterone on the proliferation of human hair follicles in vitro.
International Journal of Dermatology.
Authors: T. W. Fischer MD, U. C. Hipler PhD, P. Elsner MD

Caffeine Hair Growth Studies Findings

Here we summarize for our readers some of the caffeine hair growth studies findings which we find quite remarkable in many aspects. First off, it is worth mentioning that the positive effects on hair growth are found in both male and female subjects.

♥ Researchers have demonstrated during cell-cultured human hair follicles experiment that caffeine counteracts testosterone’s inhibitory effect on keratinocyte proliferation and increases hair matrix keratinocytes that are responsible for creating the hair shaft and its surrounding protective structure,

♥ Almost all the caffeine hair growth studies demonstrated that caffeine promotes hair shaft elongation in cell-cultured follicles extracted from hair follicles of men and women.

♥ Caffeine increases the stimulation of hair growth factor called IGF-1 in cell-cultured hair follicles. IFG stands for insulin growth factor.

♥ Caffeine reverses testosterone’s damaging effects on the anagen (growth) stage of cell-cultured hair follicles, which is believed to be one of the primary mechanisms of hair loss such as pattern baldness or androgenetic alopeica.

♥ A a phosphodiesterase-inhibitor, researchers believe that caffeine may increase cellular metabolic activity of hair follicle cells.

♥ It is reported in cell cultured studies that caffeine protects hair follicle against apoptosis, a process that leads to the end of the anagen (growth) stage of hair follicles.

Topical Caffeine Hair Products

Given the encouraging trials results obtained from caffeine hair growth studies, many companies wasted no time in capitalizing on the results reported in the studies. There are quite a few topical hair products on the market that are formulated with caffeine as a selling point for healthy hair growth. The products are marketed towards both men and women with hair loss and thinning hair. However, there are always doubts about the strength of the active ingredient, ie caffeine, used in these hair products, whether they are chemically stable and do they really have long shelf lives etc. As of the time when this article is published, the general reviews seem to suggest that caffeine may indeed promote healthier thicker hair growth with more fullness. But reports of significant hair growth are few and far between.

Using Coffee to Extract Caffeine

Given that coffee is a readily accessible ingredient in almost all households everywhere, there are some who decide to formulate their own caffeine hair growth products at home. This way the freshness and the stregnth of the final product can be easily adjusted and monitored.

As a matter of fact, active members in our community forum have recently attempted to formulate their own topical treatments for hair loss incorporating coffee or caffeine in their regimen. Click Making My Own Caffeine Shampoo for Hair Growth to read or participate in the discussion.

What to Expect?  Other Options?

Although results from the recent caffeine hair growth studies are encouraging news for those with hair loss or thinning hair, we do not expect coffee or caffeine alone is the cure. It may slow down the progression of hair loss for some people, however, it is unlikely that a topical caffeine based regimen will regrow any significant amount of hair for anyone.

If what you are after is a dramatic improvement in your appearance, then a top quality hair transplant clinic may be the only option. As of now, hair transplant is still the most effective way to create a cosmetically acceptable difference for men and women with hair loss. However, not all hair transplants are created equal. Research and due diligence are critical.

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