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Celebrity Hair Loss

Celebrity Hair Loss News
Celebrity Hair Loss News

Celebrity Hair Loss News Worldwide

Hollywood and celebrity hair loss news worldwide - following famous movie stars, celebrities, TV personalities, high profile business executives, and athletes who are experiencing hair loss and also those who have undergone treatment for baldness.

Celebrities, Athletes & Movie Stars with Hair Loss

Famous movie stars and high profile celebrities have all the money, fame and power in the world, but they too cannot escape the cruel reality of hair loss just like ordinary folks out there. Famous people such as Prince William (British royals), Matt Lauer (former NBC broadcast host), John Travolta (famous movie star), Andrew Agassi (tennis grand slam champion), Tiger Woods (famous professional golfer) and many many more share the same age old problem of hair loss as we do.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, US to China, we follow all the celebrites hair loss gossips

US Celebrity Hair Loss News

Is Charlie Sheen wearing a hairpiece?
Is Caitlyn Jenner going bald because of hormone treatments?
Donald Trump's hair mystery solved?
Jason Alexander new hair transplant or hair system?

John Travolta, new hair transplant or hairpiece?
John Travolta again, what's on his head, Toppik, hair transplant or his own hair?

Matt Damon's own hair or a new hairpiece?
Matt Damon thinning hair exposed.

Justin Bieber slams Prince William's thinning hair;
Steve Carell, excellent hair transplant or new hair system?

UK & Europe Celebrity Hair Loss News

Prince Harry going bald too?
Warren Furman - Gladiator ACE, UK hair transplant - British actor, famous for his role of Ace on TV Show Gladiators;

India & Asia Celebrity Hair Loss News

Bollywood actor Salman Khan new hair transplant;
Famous Bollywood actor Shivaji Sata hair transplant journey;

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