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Perez Hilton Hair Transplant

perez hilton hair transplant
Perez Hilton Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplant Series - Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Revealed

Perez Hilton is a well known columnist and TV personality in the US famous for his Hollywood gossips and tabloid photographs.

Last month Perez Hilton did the remarkable thing and revealed to the world that he has had hair transplant procedure done. It is always welcoming news to the hair loss community when celebrities share their hair loss struggles with the world.

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way from decades ago. Treatments nowadays are minimally invasive and results are almost like your own natural growing hair when done by the right doctor. There is no longer a stigma associated with hair transplants like it used to. The social stigma associated with hair transplants are fading fast in recent years thanks for celebrities like Perez Hilton who courageously embrace the treatment.

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Doctor

And who did Perez Hilton choose for his hair transplant procedure? None other than Dr. Baubac of Alvi Armani hair clinic, a sponsoring clinic of HairSite for over a decade and presently the top ranked #1 FUE hair clinic in the US according to HairSite's patient result statistics. It is not surprising that Perez Hilton chose the best of the best in FUE hair transplants, and one whose clinic is conveniently located in his own backyard in Beverly Hills, CA.

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Treatment

There are many hair restoration treatment options available nowadays. The treatment Perez Hilton chose was FUE hair transplant at Dr. Baubac's clinic in Beverly Hills. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. No knife, no scalpel, no linear stitches. Minimally invasive and fast healing time compared to traditional techniques. Dr. Baubac is prsently the #1 top ranked FUE clinic in the US according to our patient result statistics.

Celebrity Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration

More and more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with hair loss nowadays. Having hair transplants or any type of hair restoration procedures done is really not a big deal. With the advance in new cutting edge technologies offering minimally invasive treatments to patients, the world is starting to embrace hair transplants as if someone is having a coloring job.

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Results with Dr. Baubac

So is Perez Hilton pleased with the results from Dr. Baubac? See for yourself. Click image below to watch the video and before and after photos of his hair restoration experience with Dr. Baubac.

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Results with Dr. Baubac
Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Results with Dr. Baubac

Celebrity Hair Restoration: who else had work done?

Joey Fatone, best known as a member of the boyband NSYNC had work done with Bosley Medical and is a proud spokeman for the clinic. There's also Tom Arnold, one of the former executive producers of the hit sitcom Roseaane, who openly admitted that he had hair transplants done as well. In addition, some have suggested that Goldon Ramsey, host of the popular realty show Hells Kitchen, might have work done at Dr. Baubac's clinic as well.

Why Dr. Baubac for FUE Hair Transplant?

Who is Dr. Baubac and why did Perez Hilton choose Dr. Baubac for his hair restoration procedure? It is no coincidence that Perez Hilton chose Dr. Baubac. Dr. Baubac is the medical director of Alvi Armani hair clinic in Beverly Hills, presently a top ranked #1 FUE hair clinic in the US with over 13 years of uninterrupted patient records and well over 200 published results in our open community. No other doctor or clinic in the US has published more FUE hair restoration results in our open community than Alvi Armani hair clinic.

Below are some amazing hair restoration results from Dr. Baubac (Alvi Armani Hair Clinic)

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