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Hair Replacement London, UK Guide

London Hair Replacement and hair restoration procedures offered to you by some of the more popular specialists in the UK. Locations include White Cliff at 39 - 41 Borough High Street London Bridge or 16 Dover Street Mayfair London, UK.

Hair restoration procedures are commonly divided into two broad categories, surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical hair replacement is sometimes referred to as hairpiece, hair system or hair replacement system. Nowadays the best hair systems are created using ultra fine lace materials. Lace materials are light weight, breathe-able, and blend in seamlessly with most skin tone so that the hair appears as if it is growing directly out of your scalp.

The advantages of non-surgical hair replacement is that it can work for literally all types of hair loss. Any hair length, density, color, texture, and characteristics you want. It can work equally well for women with hair loss and thinning hair too as well as alopecia areata or alopecia universalis patients. Even children with hair loss can benefit from the procedure.

Nowadays customers have to be careful not to over pay for non surgical hair replacement systems. With direct from factory retailers, it is no longer necessary to pay a premium for hair systems offered by full service salons or hair replacement studios.

Surgical procedure is sometimes called hair transplant or hair replacement surgery. In the US, hair replacement usually means non-surgical procedure. In the UK or Europe, hair replacement can mean surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. It is important to note the differences when researching for a hair restoration treatment.

While non surgical hair replacement systems can work for virtually all types of hair loss in both men and women, it does come with some disadvantages also. The first and foremost is that you will be wearing fake hair on your scalp, akin to a wig. There will be ongoing cleaning and maintenance routine required and the costs can add up over time. Also, depending on the individual, the hair system does not last forever, for most people, a hair system may last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on use. In other words, this is by no means a long term solution for hair loss sufferers.

Another main drawback is that the hair wearer is constantly conscious if someone can spot that he or she is wearing a hairpiece or hair system.

While non surgical hair replacement systems are still popular for some individuals, the demand for this type of treatment is waning in recent years as more and more people are turning to FUE hair transplant that can give the patient natural growing hair back without the maintenance cleaning routine hassle.