Hair Transplant Guide - Belgium

Clinic address on record: 73 Rue Defacqz 1060 Bruxelles Belgium.

Find out what you must know about hair transplant and hair restoration in Belgium, who are the top hair surgery doctors, clinics and complaints about hair transplants in the country.

Belgium is relatively small but densely populated country in Western Europe with approximately 11 million people. Belgium shares its border with France to the southwest, Germany to the southeast and Netherlands to the northeast. Flight time from London, UK to Belgium is less than an hour. Most people in Belgium speak either Dutch, German or French. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are commonly referred to as the Benelux as a group.

Belgium has a good reputation for hair transplantation as some of the better known names in the business are all located in there. Over the years, there are a lot of successful hair restoration and hair transplant stories from doctors and surgeons there.

In Belgium, we have tracked hair transplant patient results from the following well respected doctors or clinics:

Dr. Patrick Mwamba hair transplant in Belgium with clinic address located at 73 Rue Defacqz 1060 Bruxelles.  Dr. Mwamba is a prolific contributor in our community and has 55 successful patient results published in our community with over 8 years of uninterrupted patient records on HairSite. Dr. Mwamba is one of the most beloved surgeon in the business.

Dr. Bisanga hair transplant Belgium with clinic address located at 4 Avenue de la Jonction Brussels 1060, representative from his clinic is a frequent contributor in HairSite community.

⇒ Prohair Clinic Belgium with address located at Lostraat 9, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg is another frequent contributor in our community.

A lot of new advances have been made in hair restoration in recent years. Some of the more advanced treatments include laser therapy, non-surgical hair replacement as well as minimally invasive FUE hair transplant surgery. There are also new cell based hair treatment such as Acell wound regeneration, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy that uses one's own blood as growth factors to stimulate hair regrowth and even SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

As for hair transplant surgery, it is important to know the difference between FUE technique and STRIP technique. Go to FUE Hair Transplant for an explanation and video demonstration why this new technique is gaining mainstream acceptance in the hair transplant industry. With FUE, you can also use your body hair as donor and transplant them to thinning or balding areas in your scalp. This technique was invented by Dr. Ray Woods and is now commonly referred to as BHT or Body Hair Transplant.

However, please note that while FUE offers many advantages, there are indeed very few truly qualified FUE hair transplant doctors in the world. The reason is that FUE is very difficult to perform when compared to the traditional STRIP surgery. FUE is a very labor intensive procedure and it takes many years of practice before a doctor is truly skillful.

Of course, hair surgery is not the only option. If you want a fast and affordable solution to your hair loss problem, also look into non-surgical hair replacement system. If done correctly, the result can be very natural and totally affordable. Depending on your goals and expectations, non-surgical hair replacement can be the next best thing to your own natural growing hair. No drugs, no surgery, no regular salon visit.

To learn more about hair restoration options in Belgium or to arrange a free no obligation consultation to see if you are a good candidate for new treatments for hair loss, fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will assist you further.