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Hair Transplant Guide Miami Florida

Clinic address on record: Sunset Professional Building, 6280 Sunset Drive, Suite 504 Miami, FL 33143

Famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, Miami is a major seaport city facing Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida. Miami is part of the Miami-Dade County, and is the principal and most heavily populated metropolitan city in the region with a population of over 5 million people.

Miami is a major hub for finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade especially with South American nations.

Presently, HairSite's Top Ranked hair restoration surgeon for this territory is Dr. Jeffrey Epstein hair transplant clinic in Miami based on number of successful patient results published in our community forum.

At the time when this is published, Dr. Epstein's clinic has 43 published results and over 3 years of uninterrupted patient records.

Dr. Epstein's clinic offers FUE, FUHT Strip, facial hair restoration, eyebrow transplant as well as women hair transplant.

If you are suffering from hair loss in the Miami Florida area, there are a few good doctors that you may want to consider besides Dr. Epstein. However, before you even consider going for the surgical route, it is important that you have already tried less invasive options such as topical formula or internal medications and even hair loss supplements.

Upon first signs of hair loss, and if you are a male, you should ask your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for the medication Propecia. It is the first and only FDA approved internal medication for male pattern baldness. For best results, Propecia should be used along with a good minoxidil topical hair loss formula, such as Dr. Klein's Remox or Promox. To add to the list is the most popular anti-fungal anti inflammatory shampoo Nizoral. These 3 products are termed the BIG 3 by many in the hair loss community. It is the core foundation for most people suffering from male hair loss. Of course, please do not consider this as medical advice. You must first consult your doctor and use these products under the supervision of your doctor. Do not self medicate as these products may not work for every individual and may come with serious side effects for some.

If you have tried most hair products and don't seem to get the results you expected, the other option would be surgical hair transplant procedures. This is by far the most effective treatment to obtain a cosmetically acceptable improvement in hair coverage available on the market.

When it comes to hair transplant procedure, be sure you know the difference between FUE and STRIP. There is a world of differences between these two techniques. Hair transplant is irreversible. You would be doing yourself a disfavor going the hair transplant route without knowing the pros and cons of each.

STRIP - the name STRIP because this process involves taking out a strip of hair bearing skin from the back of your head. This is where the donor follicles come from. The donor follicles are then dissected from the strip by technicians usually. The dissected follicles are then transplanted to thinning areas in the scalp.

Strip Pros: efficient, a large number of donor grafts can be obtained in a short time, less expensive than FUE.

Strip Cons: very traumatic procedure, not patient friendly, permanent linear strip scar across the patient's head, the procedure involves use of knife, scalpel, stitches, can have donor scar complications, donor scar may widen over time and need further repair work.

FUE - FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Invented by Dr. Ray Woods, FUE is presently the most advanced and least invasive hair transplant technique in the world.

FUE Pros: Minimally invasive, no stitches, no visible scarring, no linear scar, and no scalpels required. Very patient friendly in comparison with Strip.

FUE Cons: Expensive, labor intensive, and high transection rates if done incorrectly by inexperienced FUE doctors.

If you are considering hair transplant procedure outside of Miami but within Florida state, you can check out Dr. Alan Bauman. He has good reputation as a strip doctor, but some feel that he is not necessarily the best for FUE technique due to the lack of FUE results published in our open forum. Another option is Dr. Cole, he is not in Florida but he is the most experienced FUE doctor near Florida, Dr. Cole has published more FUE patient results than any other doctors in the US.

If you have any questions about hair transplant in Miami or neighboring areas, fill out the inquiry form on this page so that we can assist you further and even set up free consultations for you with some of the doctors.