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Hair Transplant Guide Mumbai Maharashtra India

Clinic address on record: 304, Maruti Business Park, (Bldg No.-2), Off Link Road, Fun Republic Lane, (Near Yashraj Studio), Andheri (West), Mumbai- 400053

Mumbai Maharashtra Hair Transplant surgery and hair replacement information and updates on advanced hair restoration solutions for people experiencing hair loss in the city of Mumbai India.

Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai, the most populous city in India, is the second most populous city in the world, with a population of approximately 14 million. Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world. Mumbai lies on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbour. At the time when this is published, Mumbai is named an Alpha world city. Mumbai is also the richest city in India.

Presently, the Top Ranked hair clinic in Mumbai is Dr. Arvind Poswal's Clinic who has published more successful patient results than any other doctors or clinics in the territory of Mumbai. Dr. A's Clinic has published over 500 successful patient results in our community with over 10 years of uninterrupted patient records.

Besides Dr. A's Clinic, there are other hair transplant doctors you can find in Mumbai, see below. However, we cannot offer any insights as to the quality of their work as we have not seen any published results in our Hair Transplant Forum from any of the following doctors:

Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami hair transplant - address not known.

Dr. Sandeep Sattur hair surgery clinic-
Sangita Clinic
Ganga Vihar, 174 SV Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400099, INDIA

Dr. Rajesh Rajput hair transplant -
Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital
Hillside Avenue, Technology Street,
Powai, Mumbai, 400076.

When it comes to surgical hair transplant, it is absolutely important to know the difference between the new FUE technique and the old STRIP technique. Go to FUE Hair Transplant for an explanation and video demonstration why this new technique is the most sought after alternative to the traditional STRIP procedure. With FUE, you can also use your body hair as donor and transplant them to thinning or balding areas in your scalp. This technique was invented by Dr. Ray Woods and is now commonly referred to as BHT or Body Hair Transplant.

Founded in year 2013, Dr. Arvind's  surgical hair restoration clinic in Mumbai is equipped with the same top quality technicians and doctors as other world class facilities attending to every hair loss patient's needs.

Besides Dr. Arvind Poswal's clinic, Dr. Nigam is also worth considering when it comes to hair loss treatment in Mumbai especially when he is one of the few in the world who claims to be experimenting with stem cells hair transplant and hair multiplication procedures using dermal papilla cells.

Please note that hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is largely irreversible. There are risks involved and results can vary greatly from one patient to the next. Be sure to do thorough research and discuss with as many doctors and patients as possible before making a decision. Not every person is a good candidate for hair transplant.

Of course, hair surgery is not the only option. If you want a fast and affordable solution to your hair loss problem, also look into lace front hair replacement system. The result is so natural and totally affordable. It is the next best thing to your own natural growing hair.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation with a good hair clinic in Mumbai, India or surrounding areas, please fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will assist you further.