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Hair Transplant Guide Hyderabad, India

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Hyderabad in Andhra, India for men and women considering hair surgery or other hair replacement solutions to regrow their hair or reverse their hair loss.

Hyderabad (Telugu: హైదరాబాద్, Urdu: حیدرآباد ) is the capital and the most populous city of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad has a population of over 4 million. The twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad are collectively known just as Hyderabad outside the state and together they form the sixth largest metropolis in India, with a population of 6.38 million.

Hyderabad has developed into a major hub for the information technology industry in India. It is the capital of biotechnology and pharmaceutics of the country. The city houses the most costly residential real estate in Andhra Pradesh in the posh Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills.

Hyderabad is home to the world's largest film studio, the Ramoji Film City, as well as the Telugu Film Industry, the second-largest in India, known regionally as Tollywood.

If you live in or near Hyderabad and are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, there are several options for you:

1. Dr. Batra Hair Loss Clinic. Famous in India for his homeopathy hair loss treatment, Dr. Batra hair loss clinic has locations in Hyderabad as well as other major cities around the world. Recently, it is reported that Dr. Batra is also engaging in hair cloning or hair multiplication research but it is unclear how much progress the clinic has made so far. Fill out the inquiry form on this page for more details.

2. Surgical hair transplant. One of the hair transplant doctors in Hyderabad is Dr. Madhu. The address for Dr. Madhu hair transplant clinic is: Advanced Hair Transplantation Centre, Aditya jayrag, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

When it comes to surgical hair transplant, it is absolutely important to know the difference between the new FUE technique and the old STRIP technique. Go to FUE Hair Transplant for an explanation and video demonstration why this new technique is the most sought after alternative to the traditional STRIP procedure. With FUE, you can also use your body hair as donor and transplant them to thinning or balding areas in your scalp. This technique was invented by Dr. Ray Woods and is now commonly referred to as BHT or Body Hair Transplant.

If you are looking for top quality FUE or BHT hair transplant doctors, then don't be afraid to travel a little bit and get top rated results by Dr. Arvind Poswal. Dr. A's Clinic in India is presently the Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in the world according to HairSite's patient statistics based on number of successful patient results posted in our community forum. Hair transplant is largely irreversible. Be sure to go with the BEST. It is definitely worth the trip.

3. Hair Replacement System. Of course, hair surgery is not the only option. If you are looking for a non-surgical hair loss solution, consider hair replacement system. No drugs, no surgery, no regular salon visit. Any hair style, any length, any density, any colour. It works for both men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. However, given the hot and humid climate in India, hair replacement systems may not be the ideal solution because a person's excessive perspiration may loosen the bond between the adhesives and the scalp.

4. Revivogen Hair Therapy - this is an all natural topical hair loss solution that has been used by thousands over the years. It is one of the most established all natural formula for hair loss. Some of the ingredients include azelaic acid, saw palmetto, zinc, linolenic acid, Procyanidin among others.

5. Laser treatment - this is a proven treatment to regrow hair and this home use medical device is cleared by the US FDA for hair regrowth.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation with a good hair clinic in Hyderabad, India or surrounding areas, please fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will assist you further.