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Founded over 20 years ago, HairSite is one of the largest and longest running websites for cutting edge advanced hair restoration information.

We can put you in touch with top ranked specialists, doctors or clinics around the world that may help solve your problem and restore your self esteem and confidence.

Contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation with one of the sponsoring physicians,  doctors and specialists in our network. For a prompt response, please fill out the form below.

Below is a list of treatments or procedures currently offered by our network of sponsoring physicians, doctors and specialists. Please take note that some treatments or procedures are considered surgical and even experimental in nature. There is no guarantee when it comes to hair restoration and there are risks involved especially when surgical procedures are involved. Readers are advised to exercise caution and discuss with his or her own physician and do throughout background check on every treatment provider before making a decision.

  • FUE follicular unit extraction hair transplant
  • BHT body hair transplant
  • Facial hair restoration
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Hair transplant plugs repair
  • Hair transplant strip scars repair;
  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation
  • Trichopigmentation
  • ACell
  • Platelet Rich Plasma PRP
  • Laser therapy;
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Eyelash restoration
  • Prescription strength topical formula
  • Topical Finasteride
  • Topical Spironolactone
  • NeoGraft
  • Burn victims
  • Children hair loss

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