HDC Hair Transplant Ranking

HDC Hair Transplant Ranking

hdc hair transplant ranking
HDC hair transplant ranking

World class hair transplant results at a price everyone can afford !


Europe & Middle East
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  • FUE

    Follicular Unit Extraction


    Strip hair transplant

  • BHT

    Body hair to scalp transplant


    Hair transplant repair

  • SMP

    Scalp Micropigmentation


    Beard & Facial Hair Restoration


    Non-surgical hair replacement systems


    Cell based hair therapy

About HDC Hair Transplant

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction
BHT - Body Hair Transplant (using donor from body or beard)

hdc hair transplant

Famous for their consistent FUE and BHT hair transplant results, HDC is the #1 top ranked hair transplant clinic in Europe & Middle East according to HairSite's patient statistics compiled based on successful patient results published in our open forum. HDC is a low profile clinic with a rock solid reputation in our community. Year after year HDC manages to produce impressive FUE and BHT hair transplant results that many would pay 3 times the money for. Take a look at HDC hair transplant results in our forum, their before and after photos speak volumne about the quality of their work.

This is one of the highest honors any hair transplant clinic in Europe & Saudi can earn from HairSite, the overall No 1 ranking for the territory based on verifiable published results. This is the absolute BEST in its class for the territory, an award that epitomizes hard work, dedication, and unyielding consistency. No other clinic in the region has posted more patient results than HDC.

13 years of uninterrupted patient records: for over a decade, HDC has been at the forefront in hair restoration producing highly acclaimed results that are natural and artistically superior in every aspect. Their name is synonymous with consistency and quality.

Best of all, FUE and BHT hair transplants at HDC are very affordable. You no longer feel like you are splurging on a luxury item. 

FUE & BHT Hair Transplant Cost @ HDC

HDC hair transplant pricing is competitive and transparent. What you see is what you get. 

FUE hair transplant cost 2.70 € per graft. 

BHT (body or beard hair donor) hair transplant cost 3.0 € per graft.

Congratulations to the medical team at HDC for
their outstanding accomplishment!!

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (I-PRF) Hair Treatment

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin Hair Treatment
Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin Hair Treatment

iPRF stands for Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin. It is a kind of cell based hair therapy that can potentially help promote healthy hair growth. The procedure uses the patient's own blood as growth factors to stimulate hair growth. Under HDC's iPRF protocol, the blood plasma is enriched with other platelets, fibrin and growth factors for maximum potency.

According to HDC medical team, "the resulting product is then injected into areas with desired end results to activate accelerated healing and regeneration. As a result, the body’s own powerful regenerative properties are concentrated and focused on the area of concern to triggers innate biological mechanisms leading to natural skin rejuvenation and/or prevention of hair loss."

iPRF can be used as a standalone hair therapy for men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. In addition, iPRF can also be used as an adjunct for FUE hair transplant to promote faster healing and hair regeneration. 

Difference between Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Injectable Platelet Rich Fribin (iPRF)

Both PRP (platelet rich plasma), and PRF (platelet rich fibrin) are platelet based growth factor treatments that are extracted using centrifuge. PRF is different from PRP in that there is no anticoagulant added during the spin, the avoidance of clotting is physiological and is achieved through negative charge of the collecting tube to mimic the conditions within our own blood vessels (their lining is negatively charged) that prevent fibrin from creating a clot within them, thus, obtaining a platelet rich injectable fibrin. Once PRF is injected in the tissue it transforms from liquid into a gel, provide a powerful regenerative matrix that releases platelets’ growth factors in a controlled slow manner that enhances tissue regeneration and hair growth in a better way than PRP.

In addition, the enrichment of platelets in these two products is not the same. In PRP, the platelets are enriched two to four times above the physiological concentrations available in blood and there are very few circulating blood stem cells. In contrast, PRF contains all the platelets with no elimination of the powerful regenerative matrix (fibrin) in addition to another very rich source of growth factors and tissue regeneration: the circulating blood stem cells.

Why is Fibrin important for Hair Growth?

Fibrin functions as a matrix that traps the platelets and controls their release of growth factors “very slowly and continuously over a time period of more than one week”. Growth factors release rate into the target tissue is important for tissue receptors to respond over a prolonged period of time following treatment.  “It’s not the amount of growth factors that’s the most important, but it is released into the site.

iPRF Hair Treatment Cost

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin hair treatment session cost is €200 with up to 3 treatments, based on results assessment. Fill out the form below for a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the treatment and cost.

SMP Scalp Micropigmentation or Scalp Trichopigmentation

scalp micropigmentation scalp trichopigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation / Scalp Trichopigmentation

Hair Simulation Without Surgery

Simulation of hair without surgery, that's what Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is all about. Sometimes this hair restoration technique is also referred to as Scalp Trichopigmentation. 

SMP is the latest in hair loss treatment. It is a derivative of traditional tattoo procedures but further refined with new technology to include an artistic element for camouflaging hair loss. The result is so natural, so artistically stylish and yet without the need for a full fledge surgical hair transplant surgery. Also, unlike hair transplant surgery, there is no long term commitment necessary. Patients will have the luxury to "undo" the treatment and consider other options if he so desires. It is one of the very few treatments that is truly reversible.

The process, while not a full blown surgery, does involve micro surgical accuracy which requires depositing microscopic color pigments to the patient's scalp in an artistic fashion.

The Trendy Clean Shaven, Non Balding Look

Trichopigmentation adds pigments or dots in the areas without them to make the whole head look the same. So, our shaven look can now appear as if we are not bald.

SMP or Scalp Trichopigmentation methods at other clinics very often does not look so natural because of the type of pigments used. Also the dots may spread over time and can also lose their black or dark colour and become blue.

The new SMP technique at HDC does not have any of these problems. Due to its advanced pigments it does not spread and does not change colour. It is not permanent so if you want to get rid of it, it will fade away in one to two years. Also, your needs change over time so you can adjust it the way you want every year since you will need to maintain it anyway, if you like it.

This is a simple technique, it takes only 3 hours to be finished and the results are achieved in the same day.

Below are some of the SMP Scalp Micropigmentation applications that are available at HDC. Most treatments require only 1 - 2 sessions. 

Scalp Micropigmentation to Camouflage Hair Transplant Strip Scars

scalp micropigmentation strip scar repair
Scalp Micropigmentation Strip Scars Repair

Scalp Micropigmentation to create illusion of Density without surgery

scalp micropigmentation hair density simulation
Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Density Simulation


SMP Hair Treatment Cost

The treatment costs €600 to €1000 based on the areas to be treated. Fill out the form below for a free no obligation consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure, treatment details and cost.

HDC Patient Results Statistics - through Dec 31, 2016


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** archived results total of 70 cases not captured in the above table

HDC Hair Clinic

Serving Hair Transplant Patients Worldwide

HDC Hair Clinic Address:

6 Protagoras Street
1045 Nicosia
Tel. +357 22346161 
Email: info@hdc.com.cy 
HDC hair transplant clinic

Serving patients from UK, Europe, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Saudi and around the world. See candid video at the top of this page created by one of HDC's overseas' patients. 

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic is located in Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus is very easy to get to by air. There are numerous direct flights flying to Cyprus from all major European cities. 

There are two international airports in Cyprus, one is called Larnaca International airport and the other is called Paphos International Airport. The nearest airport is in Larnaca which is approximately 35 minutes drive away from the clinic. Paphos airport is about 90 minutes drive from the clinic.

HDC provides FREE car service to and from the airport; to be arranged in advance with HDC hair transplant patient coordinator.

HDC is one of the few clinics in the world that offere FREE clinic accommodation to hair transplant patients. 

To learn more or to schedule a free no obligation consultation, fill out the form below for a prompt response. 

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