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Diploma Syllabus - Hair Transplant

Basic Level
1. Embryology
2. Anatomy
3. Physiology
4. Histology
5. Growth cycles of human hair

Level 1
1. Causes of hairloss
2. Differential diagnosis
3. Classification of androgenic alopecia
4. Classification of female pattern hairloss

Level 2
1. Medical treatments of androgenic alopecia
2. Ancillary treatments of androgenic alopecia (laser, natural etc.)
3. Medical treatments of hairloss due to causes other than
androgenic alopecia
4. Treatment of the female patient

Level 3    Surgical Procedure
1. History

2. Radical surgeries and their disadvantages

3. Follicular unit hair transplant
- Donor dominance
- Safe donor area
- Donor quantity estimation
- Estimation of individual characteristics
- Graft estimates
- Anesthesia
- Donor strip excision and closure
- Recipient area preparation
- Post hair transplant instructions and care
- Hair growth timeline
- Donor area healing timeline and care
- Trichophytic closure

4. FUSE/fue
- The technique
- Advantages v/s disadvantages
- Additional donor areas and their healing
- Donor quantity estimation

Level 4
1. Body hair transplant
- Characteristics of the donor hair
- Guidelines for BHT
2. Beard hair to scalp transplant
- Growth cycles
- Special characteristics
- Guidelines to use of beard donor hair
3. Repair Hair transplant procedures
- Analyzing each case
- Making the appropriate strategy
- Analyzing approaches taken in previous cases
4. Special cases :
- Female patient hair transplant
- Traction alopecia
- The Oriental patient
- The negroid patient

Level 5
1. Additional treatment modalities
- Hair pieces
- Hair implants
- Hairloss concealors
- Hair voluminizing products
- Rare hair transplant approaches

Level 6
1. Hair transplant consultation
2. Hair Transplant photography
3. Hair transplant documentation and recordkeeping
4. Follow up with the patient
5. Common complications and their treatment
6. Setup of Hair Transplant Clinic
7. Medicolegal Aspects

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