Dr. Arvind Poswal on Zee Business News

editorial coverage from leading business news media in India on Dr. Arvind Poswal hair clinic in Delhi, HairSite's top ranked hair transplant surgeon.

The "Weekend Edition" from the leading
business news network in India, cover story on
Dr. Arvind Poswal's hair clinic, topics include:
*causes of hair loss
*women hair loss pattern
*new research findings on hair regrowth
*consumer spending on hair care products
*celebrity and Bollywood stars hair restoration
*"Dabaang" actor Salman Khan trend setting hair transplant
*Sunny Deol wears wigs to sport a masculine look
*Celebrity sport star Virender Schwag hair restoration
*Bollywood, a major consumer of wigs in the world

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Dr. Arvind hair transplant on Zee Business News

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