Hair Transplant Training


Hair Transplant Physician Training
offered by Dr. Arvind Poswal hair academy, world's leading institute for physician training leading to hair transplant diploma and certification by one of the most highly respected authority in hair restoration.

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Are you ready for a life changing educational experience? The Academy of Hair Transplant will support your calling as you pursue your goals for receiving an advanced diploma in the field of hair restoration.

Here is your opportunity to be at the forefront in cutting edge hair restoration training and establish a rewarding career or medical practice that can change the life of millions all over the world.

Dr. A’s Academy of Hair Transplant is dedicated to teaching and improving the standards of hair restoration worldwide including continuing education and professional development for physicians who are already involved in the field of hair transplantation.

The Academy offers specialized courses and training in various aspects of surgical hair restoration including Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT), stitch free minimally invasive FUSE/FUE technique, Body Hair Transplant (BHT), hair transplant repairs as well as eyebrow & eyelash transplant procedures.

Courses offered at the Academy:

* Diploma certification in Hair Transplant;
* PG certificate in Hair Transplant counseling;
* Hair Transplant Technician Certificate course;
* Continuing education for existing hair transplant doctors;

From Day 1, the Academy will take you step by step in every aspect of the process. From operating room design, facilities requirement, patient counseling, hairline designing, detailed surgical steps to post-op photography and record keeping.

To be a trusted provider of high quality hair restoration education and training programs designed to nurture the next generation of highly respected medical specialists in hair transplant and hair replacement. Innovative learning and continuing education equip professionals with the latest advances, research, managerial and technical skills needed to deal with challenges in the ever changing field of hair restoration.