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Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, India
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 FUE Hair Transplant
 Body Hair Transplant
 Women Hair Transplant

 Facial, Moustache Hair Transplant
 Eyebrow Transplant
 Hair Transplant Repair

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About Dr. Sajal Halder

Dr. Sajal Halder is among some of the hair transplant doctors in India offering FUE hair transplant, body hair transplant, Neograft technology as well as eyebrow and eyelash restoration procedures.

If you are starting to lose your hair and considering hair transplant as an option, Dr. Sajal Halder has a very creative interactive hair transplant graft estimator that can instantly give you a rough approximation of how many grafts you may need. This is the first of its kind ever featured on HairSite and is on our recommended list of hair restoration resources. Anyone with internet access can use this interactive estimator with immediate feedback.