Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

offered at Dr. Sajal Halder hair restoration clinic located at at A-10/3, G.F., Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. 

Mesotherapy is a treatment made directly to the middle layer of the skin.

This method is used on face, scalp and body.

According to Dr. Halder's clinic, in mesotherapy hair special serum, containing the vitamin hair needs, mineral and the rare-earth element are injected directly to the middle layer of the skin where hair follicles take placed. The treatment is intended to revive damaged hair, thinning hair and hair loss caused by the diseases and medical conditions such as thyroid and anemia etc. Mesotherapy can also be helpful in treating stress induced hair loss, seasonal hair loss and other hair related issues due to nutritional deficiency.

The treatment is non invasive and non surgical. It is an intradermal or subcutaneous application. Cost is relatively low and affordable compared to hair transplant surgery. There are few known side effects.

There is a wide variety of ingredients used in mesotherapy that is approved by FDS (food and drug administration) in India, some of them are herbal based supplements.


According to Dr. Sajal Halder's clinic, 5 and 7 session after starting the session you can see the positive chances. It will take 3 months for the first positive results to be seen. First month one session per week, second month one session per 10 days, once in a month. Between 10 and 20 session in total are applied.

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