Neograft Robotic Hair Transplant India

offered at Dr. Sajal Halder hair restoration clinic located at at A-10/3, G.F., Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. 

Almost every aspect of our lives have gone computerized and digital nowadays, hair transplantation is no exception.

Dr. Sajal Halder is one of the first in India to embrace robotic hair transplantation. If you have heard about robotic hair transplants such as NeoGraft and ARATAS, you can discuss with Dr. Halder and see if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Hair transplant is an extremely labor intensive medical procedure, as a result there are compelling reasons to develop a robotic device that can handle the most tedious and repetitive nature of the procedure. Because of the vast number of follicles that are involved in each hair transplant session, usually in the thousands in a single day, fatigue is a commonly cited problem with the doctor performing FUE hair transplant procedure. This of course will not serve the best interest of the patient if the doctors or technicians get tired easily due to the sheer volume of follicles involved in each session. This gives rise to the invention of NeoGraft.

Neograft is a robotic device that can reduce the amount of human errors in FUE hair transplantation. According to some doctors, this device requires less time to perform FUE and with less transection rate. In addition, NeoGraft uses pneumatic pressure to extract the follicles and implant them as well. As the follicle shaft is not held with forceps it is also called "No Touch" FUE hair transplant. This eliminates the need for handling the grafts with forceps which can damage these precious donor follicles. In many instances, the cost of robotic NeoGraft FUE procedure is comparable to conventional FUE that is performed manually.

At Dr. Halder's clinic in Delhi, India, they are routinely doing more than 1000 grafts in less than 3hrs with FUE technique. The procedure can be repeated multiple times. According to Dr. Halder, there are few more modifications to the technique vis-a-vis direct hair transplant which reduces the out of the body time for graft drastically. As the graft is immediately implanted following harvest, the ischemia time for graft is almost zero. The result has improved drastically and immediate hair fall following transplant is also reduced significantly.

Dr. Halder is one of the pioneers who embrace robotic FUE hair transplant technique. His team can explain more thoroughly the benefits of NeoGraft and whether it is suitable for your needs.

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