DHI Hair Transplant Training Academy Live Workshops

offers the best hair replacement hair restoration training opportunity as doctors and specialists demonstrate live hair surgery procedures in front of all participants at the Academy.

Open enrollment for practitioners, physicians and technicians in the hair restoration industry

Live Hair Transplant Workshops

There will be presentations from top experts in hair restoration from 15 countries, among some of the topics are:

  • Possible influence of immediate vs delayed implantation in graft survival
  • Case studies of DHI vs strip and regular FUE
  • Stem cell therapy for growth and multiplication factors
  • The psychological aspects of hairloss - ethnic differences
  • Can an Academy of hair restoration change the hairloss industry?
  • The latest developments of Direct Hair Implantation and the DHI Total Care System
  • 0,8 Punch - Implanter extraction and placement benefits
    DHI to scars and wounded areas.
  • What is the safe donor area for FUE and what is the theoretical total grafts supply. How does it compare with Strip?
  • What is the difference in survival with FUE vs Strip and what does one have to do to improve survival with FUE
  • How does one do safe anesthesia with FUE?
  • Does ACell and Hypothermasol have a place with FUE
  • Different extraction tools...Harris punch, Cole sharp punch, neograft
  • Manual differences and what is better?
  • Genetic predisposition of androgenetic alopecia
  • Freezing of the grafts: an added advantage to graft survival?
  • Differences between Asian and Caucasian donor area and expectations of the clients
  • Quality Management-The patients participation program

The first part of DHI Academy Masters Meeting is dedicated to Live Sessions and Post Operative Evaluations.
The program includes:

Seven live sessions of Direct Hair Implantation
(Mega session, Giga session, Female session, Eyebrows, Facial hair, Body hair session)

Fifteen live DHI post operative evaluations
(2 to 12 months after session)

This is a great opportunity to experience and witness live hair transplant surgery, exchange ideas and opinions with hair restoration doctors and specialists around the world.

Highlight of the Academy Training Event

FREE HAIR TRANSPLANT session for HairSite readers. ONE free hair transplant session will be offered to one of HairSite readers at the Academy every year. Email your pictures to hairsite@aol.com to enroll. The winner will be announced on HairSite every year. This is a great opportunity to obtain a free hair restoration procedure from one of the biggest names in hair transplantation in the world.
DHI Hair Transplant Training Academy
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