DHI Celebrity Hair Transplant

features celebrities, famous movie stars, athletes, TV personalities and high profile clientele who had undergone hair transplant hair replacement procedures in the treatment of hair loss and baldness.

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Mr. Virender Sehwag, the famous Indian Cricket player has been awarded as the Patient of the Month for his outstanding DHI Hair Restoration result.  You sell good when you look good," says Sehwag Virender. "My teammates were surprised when they got to know that I did a DHI session and my hair's coming back. Everyone started asking me is it false or real". Sehwag's very bold and brave to come out about it in public whereas many celebrities conceal it.
Mr. Virender Sehwag celebrity hair transplant

Gautam Gambhir born 14 October 1981, in Delhi is an Indian opening batsman.  He has been a member of the Indian national cricket team since 2003 (ODIs) and 2004 (Tests). Gambhir had been a prolific run-scorer in domestic cricket with an average of over 50 but his two successive double-hundreds in 2002. He is also the only Indian, and one of only four international cricketers, to have scored five hundreds in five consecutive test matches. On July 2009, for a period of ten days he was the number one ranked batsman in ICC.
Gautam Gambhir celebrity hair transplant

Simon Withington, Executive Producer for Wedding TV , interviewed DHI chairman, Mr. K. Giotis, on the latest DHI transplantation techniques and had Wedding TVhis own DHI No Touch Technique hair transplantation procedure in DHI London clinic. The interview of DHI chairman and the video showing the producer sharing his personal DHI experience, will soon be shown on TV and on DHI website.
Simon Withington celebrity hair transplant

Vladimir Cvetkovic, Top Runway model , has chosen DHI to end the problem of his hair loss. Vladimir has gained his confidence back and is happy to share it with you. Mr. Cvetkovic as a top model has participated in photo shootings for major fashion, media and automobile companies. Tom Ford for Gucci, Hugo Boss, Subaru, Men's Health are only a few to mention.
Vladimir Cvetkovic celebrity hair transplant

Shihab Salim, Editor-in-Chief, of the world's biggest Asian lifestyle and bridal publications "Asiana" and "Asiana Wedding". Click on the link to read his story. 
Shihab Salim celebrity hair transplant

John Gubba, the UK producer and DHI client, has written articles published in The Mirror and The Sunday Mirror newspapers. VSI is an established independent production company managed by the experienced broadcaster & writer John Gubba, since 1990. John Gubba has been producing & directing programmes for more than 20 years...from World Cups & Olympics with ITV Sport, *www.vsi-enterprises.com*.
John Gubba celebrith hair transplant

Andy May is a BBC sports reporter, a famous television and radio presenter and an active DHI ambassador. He is a trained journalist and began his career at the age of 11 - presenting on children's radio station Takeover Radio. His session was done at Lavrio Greek VIP clinic. His DHI experience was the best thing that ever happened to him. He says that will definitely come back. Andy says: At the end of the day image is very important and with DHI, the results are guaranteed every time. I will definitely come back for a second session soon.
Andy May celebrity hair transplant

Antony Manjari, famous Basketball player of the Greek national top league, decided to confront his hair loss issue and improve his appearance by having a Direct Hair Implantation session. Despite his young age, he had a significant problem with hair loss and DHI gave him a natural and permanent solution.

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