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DHI Global Hair Restoration Trial,

upcoming hair transplant hair restoration clinical trials offered by DHI Global free of charge to individuals suffering from alopecia, baldness, hair loss or thinning hair.

DHI clinical studies at major public universities (Hair Transplant)

DHI Medical Group, pioneer in Hair Restoration research for the last 45 years, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the universities in Athens, Lyon, Rome and Prague. This collaboration started some time ago with courses offered to medical students and doctors and continues with a series of scientific papers and protocols investigating various parameters relating to hair restoration, such as the final growth using DHI's new technique which is almost 97%.

In order to conduct these trials, DHI is seeking suitable candidates for these clinical studies which will be free of charge and be carried out by DHI specialists master surgeons under the supervision of both the DHI scientific medical director, and the head professors of these universities.

The first phase of research will take place at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and candidates/patients who will be selected should meet the following requirements:

Age from 25-45
Norwood 2-3
No previous hair transplant history

In order to enter the first stage, a candidate/patient must send an e-mail to HairSite@aol.com with clear pictures showing the problem areas of the scalp as well as the back and sides of the head in order to assess your donor density prior to the treatment.

The free trials will be offered in different cities around the world. In order to be considered, your first step is to email us


Please note that the free trials are offered on an experimental basis and there is no guarantee that all applicants for the trials will be accepted for the free offer. Also, trial results vary and there is no guarantee what kind of results one may expect from the treatment. Please discuss with your physician and evaluate all possibilities before proceeding. HairSite is not involved in any part of these trials in any way whatsoever other than sharing this announcement with our readers. Readers are advised to approach this with caution after consulting with their own physicians as to whether these trials are suitable for his or her needs.

This announcement was first publicized in our community forum, click DHI clinical studies at major universities for details. 


photo from the annual DHI Academy Masters conference
where the best and the brightest hair restoration
specialists meet to exchange and share new
technological advances in hair loss treatment