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Does Hair Transplant Work?

Does hair transplant work
Does Hair Transplant Work?

Does Hair Transplant Work? Honest Answers

Does hair transplant work? That's what all hair loss sufferers, men and women, want to know when they notice initial signs of hair loss. The truth, the honest answer, is that it really depends on your goals and expectations. Different people have different expectations. There is no one right answer. However, some factual information about hair transplant can prevent you from a big disappointment.

Hair Transplant: A Cure?

If you think that hair transplant is a cure and it will forever solve your hair loss problem, then you will very likely be disppointed. Hair transplant is not a cure. Granted, the hairsplanted grafts will likely last you decades, people will continue to lose their native hair even after a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant: Bring Back Lost Hair?

If you think that hair transplant can bring your lost hair back, then you will be disappointed. What's lost is lost. Hair transplant cannot bring your lost hair back. Hair trasnplant is the process of relocating permanent donor follicles (usually from the back of your head) to balding areas in your scalp. There is no real net gain in hair follicles after a hair trasnpalnt procedure.

Hair Transplant: Teenage Density & Hairline?

If you are hoping that a hair transplant can bring back your teenage density and hairline, forget it. Although it is possible in some instances, it is not advisable. Hair loss continues to progress over time. No ethical doctor would give their patients a thick teenage hairline and density leaving their patients look like a freak as they grow older.

Hair Transplant: No Scars

If you have seen advertisements claiming that hair transplants nowadays do not leave any scars, run away from these clinics as fast as you can. These advertisements are hugely misleading. Although FUE hair transplants when done correctly by an experienced surgeon will leave very little visible scars, it does not mean that it is scar free. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and it will inevitably leave some form of scarring regardless of how big or small the scars are.

What Can Hair Transplants Give You?

So what can you expect from a hair transplant? If you go with a very experienced and ethical doctor or clinic, you can get a cosmetically acceptable improvement in covereage that looks natural by general standards. Note that of course this means different things for different people. Every doctor has something different to offer. Some are experts at hairline designs. Others are excellent in creating the illusion of density. The key is to do your research very thoroughly and carefully. Pick an established doctor or clinic who is well known for the kind of results you want.

Have More Questions?

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