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Hair Loss After Haircut

Dr. Umar Hair Clinic
Dr. Umar Hair Clinic

Hair Loss After Haircut: Is It Normal?

One of the questions that we are asked quite often is whether it is normal to notice excessive hair loss after a haircut? Some people would also like to know whether having a very short haircut will lead to hair loss.

The answer to both questions is NO. Haircut, whether long or short, will have no direct bearing on hair loss and will certainly not cause hair loss in the usual sense.

Hair Loss After Haircut Explained

When people suspect they are losing more hair after a haircut, it is usually because of one of three reasons.

First, you may indeed be suffering from hair loss whether with your without that haircut. The reason you notice it after a haircut is because during the initial stage of hair loss, your long hair may cover or hide the extent of thinning and so you will not notice it as much with your hair long. But once you cut your hair cut, then the receding hairline and temple areas will be more pronounced.

Second explanation is that you notice more shedding after a haircut. This is possible due to traction of the brushes, scissors and tools that are used during your haircut. Also, some barbers tend to brush their customer scalps harder than they should and the traction can cause shedding after a haircut. So here the barber or the hairstylist's skills come into questions. If they are not gentle with the customer's hair, they can indeed cause hair loss after a haircut. But for these circumstances, the hair loss tend to be temporary in nature.

Third, it is possible that your barber or hairstylist was using tools or brushes that have not been properly sanitized and hence you are losing your hair because of bacterial or ringworm infection. This is actually quite common because whether you like to hear this or not, most barbers do not clean or sanitize their tools and brushes properly on a regular basis. The same brush and comb could have been used on 5 or even 10 other people's hair and scalp without sanitizing.

Real Reason for Hair Loss Haircut or Not

Hair loss, as in androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness, is a genetic condition. Genetic hair loss is triggered mostly by our hormones. It has no direct correlation with your haircut. Excessive shedding causes by your haircut is usually temporary in nature. However, the situation is different if you notice excessive hair loss after applying perms, relaxers and hair coloring products to your hair. Many hair products such as dyes, perms, relaxers etc contain very harsh chemicals and can cause permanent damage to hair and scalp if used long term.

Not Sure Why You are Losing Your Hair?

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