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Exosomes Hair Loss, Hair Regrowth Therapy?

Exosomes - the latest in cell based hair restoration technologies?

We are approaching an era when stem cells or cell based hair therapy is slowly emerging as the future for hair restoration.

The appeal of cell based technologies is obvious. Not only are cell based hair restoration treatments less invasive than hair transplants , they also hold the promise of a potential cure for hair loss or unlimited hair regrowth.

All the buzz these days are about cell tech regenerative therapeutics. It's just a matter of time when patients no longer need to rely on hair transplants as the only means to regain their natural growing hair back.

PRP - 1st Generation Cell Based Hair Therapy

For those who follow HairSite.com, you will know that the first generation of widely adopted cell based hair therapy is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP hair therapy. This treatment uses the patient's own blood as growth factors to help stimulate healthy hair growth. The treatment is non invasive and very easy to administer. It is used by many clinics nowadays for people with early signs of hair loss or thinning hair as well as for hair transplant patients to expedite the growth of new hair after hair transplants.

Today we are reporting another big development  in the world of stem cell or cell based hair restoration technologies. Exosomes therapy, and it is now available.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes is the next big thing in stem cells research. Exosomes are not stem cells per se, but they are building blocks for stem cells.   Exosomes are nanoparticles involved in cell-to-cell communication as well as the development of tissue injury repair

Think of Exosomes as powerful mediators that are responsible for communicating and sending genetic signals between cells. They carry all the signaling necessary to change the behavior of neighboring cells. The functions of these protein building blocks are dependent on their cell of origin.

exosomes hair regrowth
Exosomes hair therapy for hair regrowth?

Exosomes According to Professor Mattias Belting

Here's what Mattias Belting, professor of Clinical Oncology at Lund University, says about Exosomes:

"There are now mounting evidence suggesting that exosomes play an important role in cell-to-cell communication. These findings have led to in vivo studies using exosomes as a therapeutic modality. Research into exosomes and their viability in the field of regenerative medicine is happening for joint regeneration, and facial rejuvenation, Lyme disease  and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments to name a few. More recently Exosomes are also being experimented in the field of hair regeneration."


Exosomes Therapeutic Start Ups

Exosomes based therapeutics mark a breakthrough in regenerative medicine.  There are new start ups such as Avalon GloboCare and its subsidiary GenExosome Technologies Inc that are already capitalizing on the promise that Exosomes hold in regenerative medicine.  Avalon is developing their own proprietary exosomes isolation system that allows for the isolation of exosomes from any liquid medium including blood, serum, saliva. The goal is to produce clinical grade exosomes for commercial application that can be used for hair growth, skin care, healing and other regenerative therapies.

Exosomes Hair Restoration Research

Research into exosomes for hair restoration is also underway these days.  Publications regarding such only have surfaced in the past few years. Spring 2019 is when physicians and researchers largely concurred that this type of treatment has major potential.

Presently, Exosomes can be administered in 2 ways for people with hair loss or thinning hair:

The first is an injection after creating a serum. Said serum is the same as most blood treatments, but requires additional filtration and manufacturing to selectively isolate the exosomes. Obviously, beneficial growth factors can also be added to the serum.

The second delivery method is very similar to the first. Instead of traditional injections, however, it adopts a micro-needling technique; the practice of puncturing the scalp with micro needles to improve retention and efficacy.

Research by UCLA, indicates that both injection and micro-needling are viable. Results, though, favor micro-needling as more effective.

Currently, surgeons are applying exosome treatments for hair restoration via injection. As time moves on, though, this may change. Microneedling may rise in popularity or another delivery method altogether may crop up.

Exosomes Hair Therapy Clinics

Exosomes is a brand new cell based protocol that may hold potential in the field of minimally invasive hair regeneration techniques. As of now, Dr. Baubac from Alvi Armani hair clinic in the US is the only clinic we know of in the world that offers Exosomes hair therapy. We anticipate that once this treatment is validated as safe and effective for hair loss, there will be many more clinics following Dr. Baubac's initiatives in this area and start offering Exosomes hair therapy to their patients in the very near future.

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Results

The before and after photo below is provided by Alvi Armani hair clinic, one of the few clinics in the world that offers Exosomes hair therapy to promote healthy hair growth. Results vary from patient to patient and not every person is a good candidate for this procedure.

exosomes hair regrowth results
Exosomes Hair Regrowth Results

Learn More about Exosomes Hair Therapy

To find out if you are a good candidate for Exosomes as an experimental therapy for hair loss or hair regrowth or for more info on other cutting edge hair restoration techniques, contact Alvi Armani hair clinic today or fill out the form below for a prompt response.

And for those who have already tried Exosomes therapy for hair loss, we would like to hear from you. Post your comments in our Exosomes Hair Regeneration forum thread.

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