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Exosomes Hair Regrowth

exosomes hair regrowth
Exosomes Hair Regrowth

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Cost, Facts & Hype?

We are reporting another big development in the world of stem cells or cell-based hair restoration technologies. Exosomes therapy, and it is available now.

All the buzz these days are about cell tech regenerative therapeutics. The appeal of cell-based technologies is obvious. Not only are cell-based hair restoration treatments less invasive than hair transplants , they also hold the potential for a cure for hair loss. It's just a matter of time when patients no longer need to rely on hair transplants as the only means to regain their natural growing hair back.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes is the next big thing in stem cells research. Exosomes are not stem cells per se, but they are building blocks for stem cells.   The functions of these protein building blocks are dependent on their cell of origin.

Exosomes are nanoparticles involved in cell-to-cell communication. Think of Exosomes as mediators that are responsible for communicating and sending genetic signals between cells. They carry all the signaling necessary to change the behavior of neighboring cells. See diagram below.

exosomes hair regrowth treatment
Exosomes Hair Regrowth Treatment


Here's what professor Mattias Belting at Lund University (deparment of Clinical Oncology), says about Exosomes:

"There are now mounting evidence suggesting that exosomes play an important role in cell-to-cell communication."

Research into exosomes and their viability in the field of regenerative medicine is happening for joint regeneration, facial rejuvenation, Lyme disease and even hair regeneration to name a few. Exosomes based therapeutics mark a breakthrough in regenerative medicine.  There are new start-ups such as Avalon GloboCare and GenExosome that are already capitalizing on the promise that Exosomes hold in regenerative medicine.  Avalon is developing their own proprietary technologies that allow for the isolation of exosomes from any liquid medium including blood, serum, and saliva. The goal is to produce clinical grade exosomes for commercial application that can be used for hair growth, skin care, healing and other regenerative therapies.

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Treatment

Research into exosomes for hair restoration is starting to recognize the potential of Exosomes for people with hair loss. Presently, Exosomes can be administered in 2 ways for people with hair loss or thinning hair:

The first is to administer Exosomes hair regrowth treatment by means of an injection after creating a serum. The serum is the same as most blood treatments,  but requires additional filtration and manufacturing to selectively isolate the exosomes. Beneficial growth factors can also be added to the serum at the doctor’s discretion.

The second Exosomes hair regrowth delivery method is similar to the first. Instead of traditional injections, however, it adopts a micro-needling technique which is the practice of puncturing the scalp with micro needles to improve retention and efficacy.

Research by UCLA indicates that Exosomes hair regrowth therapy using both injection and micro-needling are viable although current results suggest that micro-needling may be more effective.

Currently, surgeons are applying exosome treatment for hair restoration via injection. That being said, micro-needling may rise in popularity over time or a totally different delivery method may crop up.

exosomes stem cell hair regrowth
Exosomes stem cell hair regrowth

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Clinic

Exosomes is a brand new cell based technology that holds a lot of potential in the field of minimally invasive hair regeneration. As of now, Dr. Cole’s hair clinic is the only clinic we know of in the world that offers Exosomes hair therapy. We anticipate that there will be many more clinics following Dr. Cole's initiatives in this area and start offering Exosomes hair therapy to their patients in the near future.

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Results

Of course, this topic would not be complete without seeing some before and after photos. We have witnessed before and after photo of one of Dr. Cole's patients who had the treatment done, 4 months apart, and the results are mediocre at best in our opinion for something that is being touted as the next cell tech therapy for hair loss. The before and after photo can be found at our Exosomes hair regrowth video on Youtube.

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Safety Issues

An even more important than results is whether Exosome hair regrowth treatment is safe. Note that Exosomes hair regrowth is still unproven on many levels. Exosomes hair regeneration is an experimental treatment.  We have yet come across a safety profile estabished for Exosomes hair therapy. If you are considering Exosomes hair regeneration, you owe it to yourself to question the doctors about the safety profile of this experimental, unproven treatment.

As a matter of fact, professor Mattias Belting at Lund University department of Clinical Oncology went on to comment the following about Exosomes therapy:

"Given that the Exosomes had been shown to be involved in the development of various pathological conditions, perhaps the most important to cancer, we then hope that we can build on this knowledge further and to show in more complex model systems and ultimately in patients that we can block this uptake pathway and thereby also block the exosome mediated tumor development."

Exosomes Hair Regrowth Cost & Hype?

According to Dr. Cole, Exosome hair regrowth cost about $3,000 - $4,000 a session which in our opinion is extremely expensive for an unproven experimental treatment. It is too early to tell how long the results will last and whether maintenance sessions are required down the road.

One must question whether Exosomes hair regrowth therapy is just another hype marketed by doctors who wish to capitalize on the frenzy on cell tech regenerative medicine for baldness. Remember it wasn't that long ago when doctors were enthusiastic about ACell tissue regeneration matrix as well as PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss. Nothing substantial really came out of these 2 treatments as far as an effective hair loss treatment is concerned.


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