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North Carolina State University microRNA Hair Regeneration Molecule

North Carolina State University microRNA hair regeneration molecule
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New Micro Molecule Hair Regrowth Research

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Forget about stem cells or hair cloning, a new hair regrowth molecule maybe the answer we have been waiting for.

Up till now, most cell based hair restoration research are based on the premise that hair follicles don’t just disappear when we lose our hair, they simply shrunk. A way to generate regrowth is by replenishing Dermal Papilla cells in balding areas.

NCSU microRNA 218-5p Hair Regeneration

In a study supported by the National Institute of Health, researchers from North Carolina State University have identified a microRNA molecule that could promote hair regeneration. The microRNA sequence is 218-5p and is believed to play an important role in regulating hair follicle regeneration.

The trial was done in a 3D spheroid environment. It is essentially a three-dimensional cellular structure that resembles a cell’s natural habitat.

90% Hair Regrowth in 15 Days

Trial results show that mice treated with dermal exosomes containing the specific microRNA had 90% regrowth in as little as 15 days. The researchers further concluded that there is a direct relationship between the two; in other words, introducing the molecule tends to promote hair follicles regrowth while inhibiting it causes the follicles to die.

Here’s the best part. The beauty of microRNA is that they are tiny molecules that can be formulated in a lotion or cream as a delivery vehicle. This means cost will be more affordable with fewer complications.

The trial was done in mice, no human trials are scheduled at this point.

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