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Samumed WNT Pathway Activator Hair Loss Treatment

Samumed WNT Pathway Activator Hair Loss Treatment
Samumed WNT Pathway Activator Hair Loss Treatment

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Samumed's Hair Research

Founded in 2008, Samumed is a California based pioneer in medical research and development for tissue regeneration applications. Samumed's specialty is in small molecule Wnt pathway modulation with wich they use to develop treatments for a range of degenerative diseases and medical conditions including hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

Samumed WNT Pathway Activator

Discoveries in stem cell biology have lead to important advances in regenerative medicine. WNT pathway is important because it is one of the primary signaling transduction that regulates the renewal and differentiation of adult stem cells.  These pathways play a critical role in tissue health including repair to regeneration of various tissues and cells.

Some suggest that an imbalance of WNT activity has been associated with many human diseases including cancer, degenerative disorders, inflammatory conditions and even hair loss. Samumed has identified the molecules that inhibit or activate the wnt pathway in preclinical trials.

Samumed WNT Pathway Activator Hair Regrowth Research

In November 2018, Samumed announced that they have officially administered the first dose for the test subject in its phase 2/3 trial of SM04554, a topical Wnt pathway activator for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men and women.

Samumed's WNT pathway activator hair regrowth trial is conducted under an IND with the US FDA. IND stands for Investigational New Drug Application (IND). It is a request for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization to administer an investigational drug to humans. Such authorization must be secured prior to shipment and administration of any new drug that is not the subject of an approved new drug application.

Samumed SM04554 WNT Pathway Activator Hair Loss Cure 2020?

Presently, Samumed's WNT Pathway Activator trial for hair regrowth is conducted in Turkey. Samumed expects to enroll a total of approximately 625 test subjects for the trial, all male.

The formula is a topical solution which comes in 0.15% and 0.25% concentration. Test subjects are advised to apply the treatment twice daily to the scalp. The trial consists of 48 weeks of treatment followed by 6 weeks of post treatment evaluation.

According to Samumed:  "the Ministry of Health in Turkey has confirmed that the study, if successful,would support submission of a marketing application for SM04554 in Turkey."

Updates on Samumed SM04554 WNT Pathway Activator Hair Loss Treatment

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