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Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare
Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare

Hair Repalcement Systems: Nighmare or Not?

Here we expose hair replacement systems nightmare stories shared with us from people who have actually gone through the process. Read all the real life issues associated with hair replacement systems before making a decison. Please also watch the video below. The hair replacement systems nightmare video was created by an independent third party who had worn hair systems before and offering us his candid opinion.

Hair Replacement Systems Advantages

Hair replacement system is essentially a wig. It is a wig that is customized to the contours of the patient's balding scalp. The appeal of hair replacement systems is obvious. No drugs, no pills, no surgery. Hair replacement systems can give anyone a full head of hair in any hair style, any hair color, any hair length. Hair replacement systems work for both men and women as well as children with hair loss. It is also a solution that hair transplant victims resort to in order to hide bad hair transplant work from unqualified doctors. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Exposed

Actual hair replacement systems wearer exposed all the real issues associated with wearing hair. Real people, real stories. Read carefully every problem outlined below and think twice before making a decision. In this day and age, there are better options available to men and women losing their hair. One by one, we expose all the problems associated with hair replacement systems.

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare - Most Costly Solution Ever

Hair replacement system is the world's most costly solution for hair loss. Do not be fooled by the initial entry cost of US$1000 - $2000 for a pair of hair systems. This initial investment only last you a couple years at most and worst of all, your initial investment of US$1000 - $2000 dollars will immediately obligate you to spend another $2000 or more a year in supplies such as tapes, glues, cleaning solvents and bi-weekly fitting sessions etc.  We are talking about a conservative average of $2000 - $3000 a year FOR LIFE!  

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Experience - Maintenance Mess

When you are dealing with glues, bonding adhesives, tape, the ending result is always messy. It is a lie when people say they leave their hair system on for a month without taking it off. In order to maintain proper hygiene and to keep the hair system look natural, you must take the hair system off at least once every 7-10 days for a deep cleaning before it gets re-attachced back to your scalp. The cleaning routine is a gigantic mess and can take easily an hour or longer each time. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Experience - Daily Ridicule

Everything looks good in advertising or promotional materials. But in real life, it takes a lot of work on a regular basis to make your hair system look natural on you. Every tiny flaw can expose the fact that you are wearing a wig and you become . Any real life hair system wearer can attest to the fact that they are constantly living with the emotional burden of fearing that someone can spot their hairpiece and become the daily ridicule at work or among friends. Even the simple act of standing under a certain lighting can exposre the fact that you are wearing a hair system. A hair system wearer always feel insecured. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Experience - Swimming, Exercise, Perspiration, Forget it !

Let's be real. Glue and water do not mix well. You can forget about engaging in activities such as swimming or any types of rigorous exercises that cause excessive sweat. Your hair system will become loose with excessive perspiration or after interacting with water. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nigthmare - Toxicity Issues

The issue of whether hair replacement systems chemical glues or adhesives are safe enough to use long term has rarely been addressed by the industry. All hair replacement companies claim that they use medical grade adhesives, but what exactly does that mean? Has there been long term studies to evaluate the toxitiy of hair replacement glues that come into direct contact with our skin 24/7? Will the chemical adhesives and solvent damage existing hair follicles for people who still have a good amount of their hair? Will the adhesives expedite the progression of hair loss for hair system wearers? These are all questions that should be addressed and answered before one proceed to purchase a hair replacement system. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare - Must Watch Video 

Below is the absolute best video we have come across created by an actual hair replacement systems wearer. It captures everything you need to know about wearing hair replacement systems. Do yourself a favor, watch this video before purchasing a hair system. Everything he said in the video is correct and he hasn't even gone into details about hygience issues as well as toxicity issue of glues and adhesives. Highly recommended video for anyone considering hair replacement systems.

Alternatives to Hair Replacement Systems

To learn more about the pros and cons of hair replacement systems vs other treatments, contact or visit for a free consultation. They are presently the Top Ranked hair clininc in the US on HairSite with over 200 published results. Below is one of the many before and after results of people having their own natural growing hair that they can swim, exercise and do everything without fear of being ridiculed. 

Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Experience
Hair Replacement Systems Nightmare Experience