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Defining the BEST in Hair Replacement System

Things you should look for when choosing a hair system

Best hair system and hair replacement evaluation criteria for men and women with hair loss and baldness. Non-surgical hair replacement can work for all types of hair loss for both men and women. Here we attempt to define what constitutes a good hair replacement system. Feel free to contact us if you feel that the criteria in choosing the best hair system should be expanded to incorporate other benchmarks. Email hairsite@gmail.com

Non-surgical Hair Replacement can give anyone his or her hair back, in any density, color, texture and hair length. If done correctly, the results can be truly natural, undetectable and remarkable.

What to look for
Factory made Hair System All hair system are factory made to a certain extent. Where possible, find a company that owns their own factory or have control over the manufacturing process. This will give hair losscustomers the highest level of customization possible. 
Hair Replacement Salon or do-it-yourself at home Mail order hair system is becoming very popular nowadays but it is best to have a professional designer and stylist guide you through the whole process. Same analogy as whether you want a interior designer / professional contractor to renovate your house vs doing everything yourself.
Repairs & Hair Addition Hair systems do subject to wear and tear easily. Find a company that gives you great support for hair addition & repairs rather than a company that tries to sell you a new system every time you need repair.
Hair System Attachment Hair system can be attached in a variety of ways. Tape, liquid adhesives, clips etc. Does the company offer different attachment methods tailored to your needs?
Hair Coloring Services Hair color will fade over time. Will the company try to sell you a new unit when that happens or will they provide support for hair coloring services?
Hair System Styling Services The key to hair system styling is how to blend in with your own hair naturally. Do you feel comfortable styling your own hair so that it blends in seamlessly with the hair system or would you prefer a professional do that for you?  
Specialty products & accessories for hair replacement system Hair replacement system requires specialty products and accessories in order to work well. Does your company provide products specially designed for hair system use?
Professional Hair System Design Is the hair system designed by a professional hair replacement specialist or do you have to design the hair system yourself?
Maintenance Plans Hair systems are high maintenance. Does the company lock you in for a long term maintenance contract? What are the maintenance options? Many companies make more money selling you the maintenance plans than from selling the hair system. 
Professional Hair System Fitting services The first fitting is the most critical for hair replacement system. Very often the hair piece will have to be trimmed, fine tuned and re-sketched at the first fitting. Will there be a professional who can guide you through all this?
Human Hair In general, human hair is better than synthetic hair. Does your company offer human hair for the hair system?
Hair Origin Russian virgin hair is normally considered the best quality. Lesser quality are Remy followed by Indian or Asian hair.
Base Materials Are you given different choices for base materials? While lace materials seem to be the most popular these days, sometimes a combination of different base materials may work best for certain people.
Front Options Can your hair system front be changed or replaced from time to time or will your company simply try to sell you a new hair system should the front need to be replaced?

Best Hair Replacement System - What to Expect?

Not all hair replacement companies satisfy all of the above standards. Use this as a starting point for your hair replacement system research. Do a thorough research and talk to as many existing clients as possible before making a decision.  

Hair replacement system is not for everyone, even for the absolute best hair replacement system you can find. Readers are advised to do thorough research before making a decision. There are a lot of issues and drawback associated with hair systems. The never ending maintenance routines, use of chemical bonding adhesives, and long term costs are some of the issues one should consider before purchasing a hair replacement system. Of course, let's also not forget that you must shave a good portion of your scalp in order to attach the hair system. If you are not prepared shave down your head yet, then hair system is probably not for you. 

Other Options Besides Hair Replacement System

What options do you have besides hair replacement systems? Well, there is nothing like your own natural growing hair, not even the absolute best hair replacement system can rival the feeling of your own hair. New technologies have now made it possible for one to get his own natural hair back even for someone who has extensive baldness such as a Norwood 5 or worse. 

See below for one of Hasson & Wong's hair transplant results. It is absolutely remarkable what they can do even for people with severe hair loss and baldness. 

Best Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant
Best Hair Replacement System vs Hair Transplant

To find out if you are a good candidate for hair transplant procedures, the approximate cost savings you can get vs hair replacement system, email info@hassonandwong.com for a free consultation or check out our FREE hair transplant consultations schedule for the next free event in cities near you.