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Factory Direct Hair Replacement

Factory Direct Hair Replacement
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In recent years the hair replacement industry has begun to see a shift in long-standing tradition. An innovative new way to order custom-made hair systems has emerged as the next evolution in prosthetic hair solutions. This new way, made possible thanks to an ever shrinking, Internet-driven world is quickly gaining speed among men and women suffering from hair loss but demanding more flexibility in how they purchase, maintain and wear their hair.

In a nutshell, the new way is factory-direct; designing, ordering, attaching and maintaining your own hair system from home. Traditionally the non-surgical hair replacement industry has been made up of retail salons and hair loss clubs both large and small. These retail centers, though each unique in their own ways, were scattered throughout the country and sold virtually the same product in virtually the same way to local clients in their area.

Buying and wearing hair replacements from one of these retailers most times meant going in for regular consultations and maintenance appointments. After passing through a gauntlet of sales people, a new retail client would start out with a fitting performed by a hairstylist to gather all of the ordering details and measurements. Several weeks later they would come back to see the stylist and get their new hair attached and cut-in for the first time.

Contrary to popular belief, the hair system most times provided a very natural, undetectable appearance – unfortunately it also came with a new set of obligations. Keeping the hair looking its best usually meant scheduling (and paying for) at least one monthly maintenance appointment so that the hair stylist could remove, clean and reattach the unit. Of course, retail hair salons and clubs required clients to purchase the hair replacement through them as well which usually meant signing a long-term contract.

Simple, affordable hair replacement from home

So, now you have a better idea about how the “old model” for buying hair replacement works. What exactly is the “new model” and why is it better?

As mentioned earlier, the new way is factory-direct ordering from home. Sometimes referred to as mail order hair replacement, this new service offers all of the advantages of wearing hair from a retailer, including a natural appearance, complete replacement of hair loss and instant results. But it offers these advantages without any of the drawbacks to buying retail which include long commutes, monthly appointments, high prices and contracts.

There are many online companies now offering direct-from-factory ordering so the customer has more options than ever before. The new competitive landscape, combined with an absence of middlemen has resulted in prices that are more affordable than ever before. For the first time, men and women who wear hair replacement systems can now get a custom-made unit, ready-to-wear for typically less than five hundred dollars.

Do-it-yourself hair system maintenance

During these repetitive monthly trips to the retail center the stylists seem to perform highly technical “procedures” to the hair system. The truth is, they are simply removing, cleaning and reattaching the unit and it’s something that anyone can do at home from their own bathroom in a lot less time than you might believe.

At the touch of a button we have instant access to sites like Google and YouTube, both anxiously waiting to answer any question that can be asked. The Internet is packed with resources exposing the many procedures that retail salons and hair clubs don’t want their customers to know about. Removing, cleaning and reattaching a hair replacement system are easy tasks that any laymen can learn to do in mere minutes, by themselves from home.

Getting started with factory-direct hair replacement

There are several companies online that provide an excellent service and high quality product. Most can replicate any hair system model sold in retail salons including even the most delicate lace units found in smaller, more exclusive studios. Ordering can be as simple as sending in an existing unit for a speedy evaluation to get all the necessary measurements.

If a hair unit isn’t available for duplication it is common to provide a do-it-yourself fitting kit that a new customer can use to easily take their own measurements from home. Of course this is just needed for the first order, at which point the mail order company can file away all the specifications so future orders are only ever one phone call or email away.

Buyers beware; though many online hair replacement companies are trustworthy – some are not. Often times a website that doesn’t loudly boast about a money-back guarantee can be an excellent indicator that the company behind it has something to hide. Additionally, be careful about ordering a custom-made hair system that isn’t ready-to-wear straight out of the box. Selling a partially complete unit is a common practice used online to drive down the selling price as low as possible. This leaves the unsuspecting customer with a new unit that still needs to be cut-in and “modified” in order to be wearable.

Finally, it is essential that any online company is easy to contact and has adequate technical staff and toll-free support to help with a smooth transition out of the retail salons. Factory-direct ordering is simple but every supplier has a responsibility to be available for clients who need help from time-to-time.

The ease of buying, wearing and maintaining a hair replacement from home is surprising many hair loss sufferers, not to mention the retail salons and clubs who are rapidly losing business to the more advantageous mail order services. It seems this new way of getting hair does make sense after all. Maybe the real question is whether ordering factory-direct from home is simply the next evolution or could it be a revolution in hair replacement?

Other Options?

Besides hair replacement system, you should also consider hair transplant procedures. There has been no technology advances for hair replacement systems for almost 2 decades. It is the same technology, same technique that involves chemical adhesives and a customized wig. On the other hand, hair transplant has come a long way technologically speaking. There has been numerous technological advances in hair transplant techniques in recent years. Nowadays, hair transplants, when performed correctly by a skilled surgoen, can look absolutely natural. It is your own natural growing hair. No glue, no wigs, no messy cleaning routine.

See below for one of Hasson & Wong hair transplant results. You will be surprised what they can do nowadays even for people with extensive baldness.

To learn more about the pros and cons of hair replacement system vs hair transplant procedures, email info@hassonandwong.com or visit www.hassonandwong.com. Free in person consultations are available monthly in major cities across US, Canada and Europe.