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Hair Replacement System & Toupee Accessories

Hair replacement or hair system usually refers to the non-surgical process of restoring one's hair. To put it simply, it involves the simple process of attaching a hair piece or hair system onto your scalp. The attachment is usually by means of liquid adhesives or double sided tape. Due the the way the hair system is attached to your scalp, there are maintenance and cleaning routines involved for those who wear a hair system.

Hair system maintenance routine can basically be broken down into the following broad categories:

1. Attaching the hair system to your scalp by means of liquid adhesives or double sided tape.

2. Removing the hair system using special solvent to dissolves the adhesives that bond your scalp and the hair system together.

3. Special repairs for the base materials, lace front, and hair additions.

All these can be quite overwhelming. This is why even though the process can work for any men and women with hair loss and thinning hair, it is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. Where possible, also look into FUE hair transplant if having your own natural growing hair is the most important to you.

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