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Hair Restoration Clinics Worldwide Directory

HairSite's Top Ranked* and featured hair restoration clinics worldwide according to hair transplant patient statistic results posted in HairSite forum. Find contact info and arrange free consultation with any of the clinics or doctors below. Interactive map allows you to filter results in seconds.

Hair transplant is a multi disciplinary field that has grown to cover all types of restoration imaginable. Every doctor has something different to offer. Use our map below to find a clinic that can cater to your needs.

All clinics featured here offer FREE no obligation consultations.

Search filter key legend:

  • ACell - wound regeneration matrix that may promote new hair growth;
  • Beard Donor - hair transplant using beard grafts as donor;
  • BHT - body hair to scalp transplant;
  • Eyebrow - eyebrow restoration;
  • Eyelash - eyelash restoration;
  • Facial Hair - sideburns, moustache, beard & goatee restoration;
  • FUE - follicular unit extraction;
  • PRP - platelet rich plasma therapy;
  • Robotic FUE - Artas or NeoGraft computer assisted procedure;
  • SMP - scalp micro pigmentation;
  • Strip - FUHT strip harvesting technique;
  • Women - women hair transplants