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Worldwide Hair Clinic Rankings 2015

BEST Hair Transplant Doctors in the world awarded by HairSite based on number of patient results published in our open forum, every result ever posted is tracked and quantified for the ranking purposes, objective and independently verifiable by anyone. Best overall and best in class awards. Each point earned represents 1 verified published patient result * (see footnote). Click our annual hair transplant rankings commentary to learn more about the current state of accomplishments by different clinics worldwide.

dr woods lifetime achievement award

Lifetime Achievement

Dr. Ray Woods

dr woods fue hair transplant
inventor of FUE & BHT


Best Overall Worldwide

Dr. Arvind Poswal

dr arvind hair transplant india
Delhi, Mumbai, India
508 points

best hair transplant doctor award

Best In Class


Dr. Cole

Dr. Jerry Wong (H&W)

Dr. Victor Hasson (H&W)

Dr. Baubac (Alvi Armani)

dr cole hair transplant
Top Ranked overall US
175 points

Top Ranked Strip Exclusive Clinic in the world 175 points

Top Ranked Strip Exclusive Clinic in the world 175 points

dr baubac hair transplant
Top Ranked in the US 2014
163 points

Dr. Jauregui
(Alvi Armani)

Dr. Arihant Surana
(Alvi Armani)


Dr. Bisanga

dr jauregui hair transplant
Top Ranked FUE clinic in Buenos Aires, 163 points

Dr. Arihant Surana,
Delhi, India
163 points

hdc hair transplant
Top Ranked in
Cyprus/Middle East
127 points

dr bisanga hair transplant
Top Ranked in Europe
115 points

Dr. Umar

Dr. Ray Woods

ASMED - Dr. Erdogan

Dr. Robert Jones

Top Ranked in Mega BHT sessions 95 points

dr ray woods hair transplant
Top Ranked in Australia
79 points
asmed hair transplant dr erdogan
Top Ranked in Turkey
82 points

dr jones hair transplant
Top Ranked in Toronto, Canada 71 points

 Dr. Raghu Reddy

Dr. Rahal

 Dr. Patrick Mwamba

DHI Global

dr reddy hair transplant
Top Ranked FUE clinic in London 63 points

dr rahal hair transplant
Top Ranked in Ottawa,
Canada 59 points

dr mwamba hair transplant
Top Ranked in Belgium,
Most Improved
55 points

dhi global giotis
Greece, Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East 51 points

 Dr. Anthony Bared(FHR)

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein (FHR)

AHD - Dr. Hakan Doganay


dr bared hair transplant miami
Top Ranked in Miami
43 points

dr jeffrey epstein hair transplant
Top Ranked in Miami &
New York 43 points

ahd dr hakan doganay
Award for Breakthrough Procedure,
Turkey 33 points


Featured Doctors or Clinics


Dr. Keser

Dr. Craig Ziering
(Ziering Medical)

Dr. William Yates
(Ziering Medical)

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

dr keser hair transplant
Ankara, Turkey
34 points

dr carl ziering hair transplant
Beverly Hills, CA
27 points

dr william yates hair transplant
Chicago, IL
27 points
dr tejinder bhatti hair transplant
Dr. Bhatti Chandigrah India
23 points

Dr. Prabdeep Sohi

HIS Hair Clinic

Dr. Jawad Chaudhry GHT

Dr. Ekrem Civas

dr prabdeep sohi hair transplant
Dr. Prabdeep Sohi, India
16 points

HIS hair clinc scalp pigmentation
9 points

dr jawad chaudhry hair transplant
Punjab, Pakistan
6 points

dr ekrem civas hair transplant turkey
Ankara, Turkey
4 points

Dr. Sajal Halder

Dr. Rashid

dr sajal halder hair transplant
New Delhi, India
4 points

dr rashid hair transplant houston
Houston, Texas


Other Doctors or Clinics


Prohair Clinic Belgium
87 points

Dr. Bernstein hair transplant, New York 24 points

Hairline Clinic Turkey
22 points

Global Hair Institute, Florida
15 points

Shapiro Medical Group
13 points

Dr. Gary Hitzig, New York
11 points

Dr. Paul Rose, Florida
8 points

Dr. Harris, Denver, CO
7 points

Dr. Feller New York
6 points

FUE Turkey
5 points

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy - Istanbul Turkey 4 points

Dr. Malte Villnow Belgium
2 points

Dr. Bauman Florida
2 points

Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry, Pakistan
1 point

Dr. Azar, Berlin Germany
1 point

Dr. Koray Erdogan - Istanbul, Turkey 1 point

Dr.  Norton Abramson, CA
1 point

Haar Perfect, Netherlands
1 point

Hair Palace, Budapest, Hungary 1 point

Dr. Lars Heitman, Netherlands1 point

Dr. De Reys, Belgium
1 point

Dr. Doganay Antalya, Turkey
1 point

Dr. Woods Campbell, Australia
1 point

Milena Lardi, Italy
1 point

Talizi clinic - Tbilisi, Georgia
1 point

New Hair Clinic Sweden
1 point

Dr. Wolf, Cincinnati, US
1 point

Dr. Martnick, Australia
1 point

Dr. Joseph Williams, Las Vegas, US 1 point

Sure Hair Transplants
3 points

Dr. Sibel Ulusam - Turkey
2 points

Dermo Beauty Milan Italy
1 points

Dr. Kapil Dua, India
1 points

Dr. Konior, Chicago, US
1 points

Vinci Hair Clinic, Spain
0 point

Dr. Manjul Agarwal, India
0 point

Capri Clinic, PA, US
0 point

Dr. Berfu Babuccu, Turkey
0 point

Dr. Marc Dauer, Los Angeles
0 point

Panacea Clinic, Prague, CZ
0 point

Dr. Charu Sharma, India
0 point

NHI Greece
0 point