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Hair Transplant Charity Repair Worldwide

Surgical Hair Transplant Charity Repair Program - This was started by DJ and it turned out to be a huge success. Since DJ, we have patients such as BoomBoom, Zayden and Topcat who have received free or discount hair transplant repair offers from various doctors around the world. We intend to offer this on a regular basis for HairSite readers and put hair transplant victims in contact with doctors who may assist them.

Nowadays there are new techniques such as FUE (follicular unit extraction) and BHT (body hair transplant) that can work quite well for repair patients in some cases. Even for patients with severely depleted donor supply can now get help from doctors who are able to extract auxiliary donor from chest, beard, legs and arms etc. 

A few years ago, DJ was a hair transplant victim who was in desperate need for repair sessions. We featured DJ's story in HairSite's home page. In an attempt to generate interest from doctors who may be able to help DJ, we publicized DJ's story by offering a 3-month free advertising opportunity in HairSite for any doctor who takes on DJ as a repair patient. There had been tremendous response since we publicized the story. In just a little over a month, DJ has found Dr. John Cole (Atlanta, US) who has shown great interest helping him. To read DJ's story and view his pictures, click here.

Subsequent to DJ's successful charity hair transplant repair story, we have patient Boomboom and Zayden who received free repair procedures from Dr. Arvind (Delhi, India) and Topcat who received generous help from Dr. Bisanga (Belgium).

We are prepared to help the next hair transplant victim. If you have been severely victimized or scarred by previous hair transplant work, please contact us immediately by filling out the inquiry form on this page. We will feature your story on HairSite as well as our newsletter much like we did for DJ and others and put you in touch with doctors who may be able to assist you.

The exact arrangement will depend on the particular patient and the doctor. The repair work may be offered at a discount or totally free of charge to the patient, depending on the situation. It will be something that you work out directly with the doctor who offers to help. HairSite is merely doing this as a public service announcement. Hairsite cannot guarantee the kind of results you may get after the repair session and nor are we involved in the arrangement about the charity sessions.

That it is a repair session does not mean that it is risk free. Like any other surgical procedures, you must consult with your doctor and others before making a decision. HairSite does not offer any guarantee and cannot vouch for the quality of repair work offered by any particular clinic or doctor. 

If you are a hair transplant victim seeking repair work, please fill out the inquiry form on this page for a prompt response.

See below for list of patients currently enrolled in the Charity Repair program. If you are a hair transplant doctor and feel confident being able to help any of these individuals, please contact us at HairSite@gmail.com immediately.