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Hair Transplant Physician Training

Hair Transplant Physician Training and professional education from leading institute and academy around the world, obtain your diploma and certification by some of the most highly respected authorities in hair restoration.

hair transplant physician training
Hair Transplant Physician Training

photos courtesy of Dr. Cole's clinic - European Hair Transplant Workship. Dr. Cole is the world's leading innovator and inventor of cutting edge instruments for hair restoration

This is your CALLING for the most rewarding career in your life, your medical practice of restoring self esteem and confidence in people's lives.

Be part of this little known secret. Join the ranks of tens of thousands who are calling hair transplantation their career, a lucrative and highly fulfilling venture in the world of cosmetic surgery. Change the life of millions, one procedure at a time. This is the end point for doctors and physicians who are looking to develop their own specialty in the medical world, the most enticing career path among all cosmetic surgeons.

Faculty Members - facilitate your education with world class training from the top ranked and best in class hair transplant surgeons in the world*. The who's who among the elites in the hair transplant community, your chance to learn from the definitive authorities in the world of hair restoration, faculty members with rock star status in the business, the likes of Dr. John P Cole, Dr. Arvind Poswal, Dr. Reddy, DHI and more, some of the absolute biggest and most celebrated names in the world.

Course Location & Venue - professional training and clinic locations with state of the art equipment and facilities around the world including US, UK, Belgium, Canada, Greece, India and more. Live webcam demonstrations and online materials also available for those who are unable to travel.

Course Materials & Curriculum - learn, get educated and hands on experience on the most innovative and cutting edge treatment protocols currently available in the world, taught by masters in their own domains. Courses can be customized to the individual's needs depending on the person's background and credentials. Some of the techniques you can learn include:

Surgical Curriculum

  • FUHT strip - follicular unit strip procedures, the most widely performed technique in the world;
  • FUE - minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction, the most sought after alternative to traditional strip procedures, no knife, no stitches, no linear scar and fast healing;
  • BHT - body hair transplant utilizing donor follicles from chest, arm, leg for patients with depleted scalp donor;
  • Beard - hair transplant using beard grafts as donor, the most robust type of follicles in our body, perfect for scar repairs;
  • Repair - correct unsightly plugs, scars and bad hair transplants work for patients who had undergone the treatment previously at sub par clinics;
  • Facial - restore sideburns and moustache for people who desire more facial hair;
  • Women - female hair transplant, treatment for women, the fastest growing segment in the business, women hair transplant is now a mainstream treatment for women with various forms of hair loss;
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash - one of the most commonly requested treatment from both men and women is eyebrow and eyelash transplants, no more fake eyelashes and mascara;
  • Accident - treatment for burn victim and people who have scars in their face, body or lost their scalp or body hair in an accidents;
  • Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP or platelet rich plasma, the latest and most cutting edge in hair treatment using the patient's own blood as growth factors in the promotion of healthier thicker hair;
  • ACell - cell regeneration compound are now incorporated into hair transplant procedures to enhance healing and the eventual results by some of the top doctors in the world;

Non-Surgical Curriculum

  • Fundamentals - fundamental education on trichology, hair growth cycles, causes & diagnosis of hair loss, hair biology & anatomy;
  • Technician - training for technicians, consultants, patient counseling;
  • Equipment - the latest and most advanced tools, instruments, equipment & devices for surgical procedures, what do they do and how to operate them;
  • Business - financial aspects of a hair restoration practice, setting up a clinic, running a clinic, accounting & computer system, financing, advertising, staff training;

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