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Top 5 Hair Transplant Cost Saving Tips

hair transplant cost saving tips
Hair Transplant Cost Saving Tips

5 Things You Can Do to Lower Hair Transplant Cost


Number 1 - Hair Transplant Standby Discounts

Here's a little known secret in the hair transplant industry. The truth is that many clinics have excess capacity all the time due to last minute cancellations and scheduling conflicts with patients. It's just the nature of the beast with every clinic. It's unavoidable. So instead of letting the time slot go to waste, many clinics are willing to offer the slot to patients at a fraction of the regular price as long as the patient can make himself available for the procedure with short notice.

Almost every clinic out there offers this, even some of the biggest names in the business such as Dr. John Cole, Hasson & Wong, Dr. Ray Woods, Dr. Baubac, Dr. Umar, Dr. Mwamba, Dr. Arvind and many more.

Sounds like something that you may be interested? We have made this easy for you. Sign up with our hair transplant standby discounts program and you will automatically be notified by up to 20 clinics worldwide whenever there is an open slot for your procedure. Pick and choose any procedure with any clinic of your choice. We can get you signed up with virtually any clinic around the world, even the ones that are not currently listed on the sign-up page.

What's the catch? Well there isn't really a catch per se with this program. It is totally at your discretion and you can always say no when you are notified of an opening, there is no obligation whatsoever. It really is a win-win situation for both the clinic and the patient.

If you want to take advantage of this, follow the link below this video or you can find it on the homepage at HairSite.com.  It takes 1 minute to sign up and you will be among the first to be notified of standby discounts at clinics of your choice.

Number 2 - Hair Transplant Hairline design

As you all know, hair transplants are charged on a per graft basis. So the more grafts you need, the more expensive your procedure will be.

One way to cut down the # of grafts is by means of a strategically designed hairline. Hairline is by far the most important element in a hair transplant, it affects how your face is framed. A strategically designed hairline can help cut down the # of donor grafts required. For patients with a tight budget, the "less-is-more" look can be very appealing.  A thick full teenager hairline is not always in the best interests of patients. You can easily cut down on the number of grafts by going for a slightly higher, age-appropriate hairline. When done correctly, this can easily save you 20% or more in graft count without sacrificing too much on the cosmetic improvement.

Take this result as an example, one of Hasson & Wong's patients, a top ranked hair transplant clininc on HairSite. Instead of lowering the hairline and closing the temples for this patient, Dr. Wong did the right thing by giving the patient a V-shape hairline which substantially reduces the # of grafts required for the procedure and yet frame the patient's face perfectly with an age-appropriate look. The best part? Dr. Wong did all this using only 1267 grafts FUE, that is almost unheard of. A hair transplant for this patient at any other clinic will probably require twice as many grafts. This patient can literally grow old with this hair transplant and never have to worry about touch-up sessions for many years and even decades to come.

Visit www.hassonandwong.com for other results like this one below.

Hasson and Wong hair transplant


Number 3 - Sales Tax or Value Added Tax

Here's another hidden secret that can help you lower your hair transplant cost. Sales tax or value added tax.

It is not uncommon for clinics to charge an additional 5, 10 or even 15% or higher on top of the hair transplant price you are quoted because of sales or value added tax levied on the procedure. It can be quite substantial.

Hair transplant has become an integral part of the global medical tourism business. Each year, tens of thousands fly all over the world to the hair transplant clinic of their choice. US, Canada, Turkey, Greece, India and Cyprus are among some of the most popular destinations for hair transplant tourism in recent years. If you are traveling to another country for hair transplant, there are 2 things you must do:

  1. First, find out if hair transplant is indeed subject to sales tax in the country you are visiting for the procedure. Don't rely on what the clinic tells you. Very often, the procedure is tax exempt and yet the clinic is routinely charging their patients sales tax or value added tax regardless. If you need help researching if hair transplant is subject to sales tax in a particular country or state, post your questions below this video and we will look it up for you.
  2. Second, say even if you are charged sales or value added tax for your hair transplant procedure, there is a good chance you can claim a refund at the airport upon your departure. It is common practice in many countries to refund or reimburse tourists for sales tax they paid during their visit. The forms or paperwork for the refund are usually fairly straight forward. In some instances, the hair transplant clinic can even help you fill out the forms after your procedure. Make sure you ask the clinic about that.  This could be another 10 or 15% that you could have kept in your pocket.

Number 4 - Haggle

Don't be bashful asking for a discount. You never know unless you ask. Believe it or not, many clinics are willing to negotiate the hair transplant cost with patients. This is especially true if you are going for a mega session or if you are planning to have multiple procedures with the clinic. A common practice is for clinics to charge patients using a tier system based on # of grafts. Say as an example, hair transplant cost of $5 per graft up to 2000 grafts and a discounted rate of $3 per graft for anything above 2000 grafts.

Number 5 - Bring someone

You must know someone who is losing his hair also. Your brother, your co-worker, your friend, gym buddy. Bring another person along for the initial consultation and ask for a bundle hair transplant cost discount for both of you. Hair transplant clinics love that, and you are likely to get a pretty decent discount when you do that.

This content is brought to you in collaboration with Hasson & Wong hair clinic, a sponsoring top ranked hair transplant clinic on HairSite. If you have questions on this topic or want to learn more about the latest in cutting edge hair restoration, visit HassonandWong.com for a free evaluation, no cost, no fee, just good honest information.

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