Women Hair Transplant

Women hair transplant has gained wide acceptance in recent years and fast becoming a mainstream treatment for women with hair loss. Contrary to popular belief, women can actually be excellent candidates for hair transplants and in some cases hair transplants can work better for women than for men.

Once reserved only for men, hair transplant is now a proven treatment for many women who also suffer from hair loss. With the advance of FUE technique, hair transplant can be particularly suitable for some women because of the minimal trauma involved in the procedure.

In the old days, hair transplant was done by removing an entire strip of skin from the patient head. The technician then dissect the follicles from the skin and then transplant the follicles to the thinning or balding areas of the patient. It is a very involved and traumatic experience for the patient, often associated with complications if the procedure is done incorrectly. That was until the invention of FUE technique by Dr. Ray Woods & Dr. Angela Woods-Campbell.

With FUE, follicles are literally extracted ONE AT A TIME with a minimum of trauma from the patient's donor site. The follicles are then transplanted to the thinning areas one at a time.

Diffuse Thinning

One of the challenges facing doctors performing women hair transplants is the fact that many women do suffer from diffuse thinning. But over the years as surgeons gained more experience in micro surgical transplant techniques and with the aid of high magnification equipment as well as ultra fine transplant instruments such as 0.75 mm grafts placement needles, diffuse thinning is less of a challenge nowadays under the hands of a skilled surgeon. 

Below are some recent women hair transplant results from our featured doctors.

women hair transplant UK UK female hair transplant patient, HDC Clinic, 2000 grafts Strip

 dr cole women hair transplant atlanta GADr. Cole women hair transplant, 1800 grafts

dr umar lupus hair transplant patientDr. Umar hair transplant result for lupus patient

hdc women hair transplant clinic europeHDC Women hair transplant 1754 grafts 


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