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Hair Transplant Cost Canada

image courtesy of Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant cost Canada: is it worth traveling to Canada for hair transplant surgery? What kind of results can you expect? Why are there so many hair loss patients traveling to Canada for hair surgery nowadays?

Hair Transplant Cost & Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is big business especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant. The main appeal of medical tourism is affordability and cost. Very often, hair transplant cost in the destination country may be substantially less than what you would normally pay in the United States.

The hotspots for hair transplant medical tourism these days are mostly developing countries in Asia. While hair transplant cost  in developing countries can be quite appealing, the quality of hair transplant can be questionable.  Be prepared that overall surgical experience and standards may not be comparable to what one may expect from the United States.

In addition, travel time is another factor as it may take 15 hours or longer for patients to reach their hair transplant clinic destination. Instead of taking a flight back home immediately post op, patients are forced to have to stay longer in the destination country to heal properly before flying back. This all adds to your total hair transplant cost with added hotel fees and other expenses.

Other factors that may come into play include language barrier and very different medical and hygience standards compared to surgical clinics in the U.S.

Hair Transplant Canada - Balance between Cost & Quality

Finally, a solution for those seeking affordable hair transplant cost without scarificing quality, care and subjecting yourself to a 15+ hour flight.

Medical protocols and overall surgical standards in Canada are quite comparable to that in the US. Moreover, depending on where in the United States do you live, you can be in Canada in as little as 1 hour by air.

Language and cultural barrier is also non-existant as US and Canada share the same language with virtually identical culture.

Hair Transplant Cost Canada

Dollar for dollar, graft for graft, hair transplant cost in Canada can be anywhere from 10-20% less expensive than in the US depending your choice of clinic. This is a good start for hair transplant patients already but it gets better.

These days if you also factor in foreign currency exchange, you may find yourself hitting the hair transplant cost jackpot. At the time when this editorial is published, US-Canada exchange is near historical high in favor of US dollar. $1US is worth approx $1.30 Canadian so essentially you are getting 30% more grafts for every US dollar spent. This is a huge savings by count.

Hair Transplant Canada - Quality

What kind of results can you expect from hair transplant procedures in Canada? Well, you will be pleased to know that a Top 3 hair clinic in the world is actually a Canadian clinic: Hasson & Wong, based in Vancouver Canada and well known for their world class hair transplant results.

Hasson & Wong has been a sponsoring clinic of HairSite for over 10 years with 13 years of uninterrupted patient result records in our open community.

Below is a before and after hair transplant video result from Hasson & Wong.

Hair Transplant Cost Canada - FREE Quote

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