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Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost is the #1 most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair transplantation. Cost is always a deciding factor for many men and women seeking hair restoration procedures. Here we provide a city by city, country by country guide on hair transplant cost, you will be surprised what you learn here.

Cost and Quality

First off, one should know that there is usually little or no correlation between cost and quality. An expensive hair transplant does not necessarily mean it is the best for your needs. However, going for bargains isn't a wise strategy either. Very often, there is a reason why a particular treatment is so inexpensive.

One must understand that there is no one doctor or clinic that is the best for every patient or condition. Every patient requires something different and unique. Instead of making a decision based on the price factor alone, it is more important to find out what who offers the best treatment for your needs.

Hair transplant has turned into a multi disciplinary field that branches out into many different specialties. There is FUE (follicular unit extraction), BHT (body hair transplant), FUHT (follicular unit hair transplant), facial hair transplant, eyebrow restoration, eyelash restoration, repairs, and many more. It would be a huge mistake to think that all hair transplant surgeons are equally proficient in all specialties. In addition, it would also be a huge mistake to think that the doctor who offers you the cheapest price is the one that is the best for your needs.

Cost and Geographical Location

The biggest surprise when it comes to hair transplant surgery is that pricing can vary dramatically from one country to another. Sometimes, it varies greatly among different cities in the same country too. Medical tourism has become hugely popular nowadays thanks to the drastic price differences in hair transplant cost. Destinations such as India and Turkey have taken the industry by storm with their very affordable prices.  That is true even after you have factored in the air fare and hotel accommodation. Some medical tourism destinations have become so popular for hair surgery that they have designated hotels and living quarters for their patients. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of their clientele are traveling from overseas.

Do not be alarmed to hear the names India and Turkey. There are clinics in both countries that have earned a good reputation as a legitimate hair restoration destination. As a matter of fact, Dr. Arvind Poswal's clinic in India is presently the top ranked hair transplant clinic on HairSite based on number of successful patient results posted in our community forum.

Let's Talk Numbers

Because of the vast difference in pricing schemes among different clinics in different countries, please treat the numbers discussed here as a general guide only. Furthermore, please always consult with the clinic or doctor directly for the most accurate numbers. Do not rely on our numbers as accurate and up-to-date.

Presently, US, UK and Western Europe are the most expensive places for hair transplant. The cost for a FUHT strip graft can be anywhere from US$3 and up. If you want FUE, then be prepared to pay twice or more. FUE can go from US$5 per graft to as high as $15 in some instances. Some clinics charge on a session by session basis. For example, DHI charges a minimum of 2000 Euro for one session of hair surgery.

If you are not afraid to embark on a medical tourism venture, then you can look into places such as India and Turkey.  The prices in India can be particularly appealing. It is not difficult to find clinics that offer FUHT Strip procedure for as low as US$1 per graft. FUE procedure can be as low as US$3 per graft, a discount of more than half of their counterparts in the western countries.

It's a Crapshoot

Pricing is a crapshoot in the world of hair transplantation. An inexpensive procedure in a third world country may very well turn into the worst nightmare of your life but at the same time it may also turn out to be a bargain of a lifetime for you. Meanwhile, a pricey procedure in the western world doesn't always mean you are getting what you pay for. The higher standards and stricter government regulations in the western world can sometimes have little bearing on the outcome of your procedure.

Your Next Step

Ask questions. Be prepared to spend at least 6-12 months doing thorough research before making a decision. Find out the type of procedure you need and who is considered one of the best in that particular specialty. Do not let pricing be a determining factor.

Use our service to reach out to as many doctors and clinics as possible. We will set up free consultations for you with doctors and clinics worldwide to find out if you are a good candidate for hair transplant, treatment details and approximate cost for the procedure. Email us or use the online inquiry form on this page for a prompt response.

Hasson & Wong

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Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Result
Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Result