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Hair Transplant Discounts, Deals & Promotions

Hair transplant discounts, deals & promotions for male & female patients seeking hair restoration treatment in US, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia covering top doctors in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Brussels, Istanbul, Delhi, Mumbai and more.

US$1000 CASH toward your Hair Transplant Cost

** pick ANY treatment, pick ANY clinic on our list below

Looking for hair transplant discounts, hair transplant deals, promotion, coupons or special hair transplant cost savings? You have come to the right place.  Hair restoration treatments or hair transplant costs can be expensive, but no need to stress. We will give you US$1000 cash bonus toward your hair loss treatment or hair transplant cost after you have satisfied qualifying activities* that entitle you to this amazing hair transplant cost savings.

hair transplant discounts
Hair Transplant Discounts & Deals

$1000 CASH Hair Transplant Cost Savings

This  cash bonus giveaway is available to both men and women who have who have satisifed qualifying activities* listed below. You can use this cash toward any eligible hair restoration or hair transplant treatment from eligible doctors or clinics listed on this page.

1st STEP for your US$1000 CASH Bonus

The 1st step is to fill out the FREE consultation form below. This will give you free evaluation with hair doctors and specialists near you who can diagnose why you are losing your hair and discuss with you the latest in cutting edge hair restoration techniques. The service is 100% FREE, no cost, no fee, no obligation. In addition, you will automatically be enrolled in our contest for a chance to win and receive US$1000 cash bonus after qualifying activities* are completed.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win US$1000 toward your treatment cost

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**Treatments Eligible for the US$1000 CASH bonus

Below are treatments that are eligible for the US$1000 cash hair restoration or hair transplant cost savings as part of the qualifying activities*.

  • FUE hair transplant
  • BHT body hair transplant
  • Facial hair restoration
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Women hair transplant
  • Hair transplant repair
  • Transgender hair transplant
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • ACell Regeneration Matrix
  • Platelet Rich Plasma PRP
  • ARATAS & NeoGraft
  • Burn victims hair restoration
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Eyelash restoration
  • Stem cells hair trial

**Eligible Doctors or Clinics for the US$1000 CASH bonus

In order for your treatment to be eligible for the US$1000 cash hair transplant cost savings, you must seek treatment from one of the hair doctors or specialists below as part of the qualifying activities*.

Our list of eligible doctors or clinics is constantly expanding.  If the doctor or clinic you desire is not listed below, send us the name and we will consider adding the clinic to our list of eligible clinics.

  • Australia - Dr. Ray Woods
  • Belgium - Dr. Patrick Mwamba
  • Belgium - Dr. Christian Bisanga
  • Canada - Dr. Robert Jones
  • Canada - Dr. Rahal
  • Canada - Dr. Victor Hasson
  • Canada - Dr. Jerry Wong
  • Cyprus - HDC
  • India - Dr. Arvind Poswal
  • Turkey - ASMED Dr. Koray Erdogan
  • Turkey - Dr. Hakan Doganay
  • Turkey - Cosmedica
  • US - Dr. Baubac
  • US - Dr. John P. Cole
  • US - Dr. Jeffrey Epstein
  • US - Dr. Umar

*Qualifying Activities to claim US$1000 Cash toward Your Hair Transplant Cost

Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. Start by completing the consultation form for hair loss on this page. You must be at least 18 years old. You will be entitled to FREE consultations regardless of whether you are a winner of this contest or not.
  2. The winner will be announced on Sep 30, 2019. We will email you on the same day the US$1000 hair transplant cost reimbursement certificate if you are the winner.
  3. Book an eligible treatment with one of the eligible doctors/clinics on our list as itemized above on this page.
  4. You must complete your hair restoration procedure at one of the eligible clinics by Dec 31, 2019. Otherwise your $1000 cash bonus will expire and this offer will be automatically canceled.
  5. Email date of your procedure.
  6. Email payment receipt upon completion of your procedure with one of the eligible doctors or clinics listed above.
  7. Post your hair restoration before and after photo or video results (at least 6 months apart) by Jun 30, 2020 in our forum; failure to do so will forfeit the $1000 cash bonus.
  8. Send us your bank or Paypal account details and we will arrange for you to receive the bonus payment of $1000 as a reimbursement for your hair restoration procedure. If your country is subject to US sanctions or government's bank wire transfer restrictions, we will not be able to honor this offer and your bonus will automatically be voided and canceled.
  9. Contest winner will be announced on Sep 30, 2019 on this page.
  10. This cash bonus is non transferrable.  It can only be claimed by the person whose name is entered in the online consultation form on this page. Photo ID may be required to verify identity.
  11. This contest is strictly funded, promoted and hosted by HairSite independent of the eligible doctors or clinics listed here.