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Hair Transplant Horror Stories US

Hair Transplant Horror Stories US
Hair Transplant Horror Stories US

Hair trasnplant horror stories US: a nightmarish ordeal for those seeking hair transplant surgery in United States..

Hair Transplant Horror Myth

One of the biggest myths or misconceptions about hair transplant surgery is that getting hair transplant in US must be the safest way to go. The general misconception is that US normally prides itself as being the best in a lot of things so hair transplant surgery should be no exception. Well, you will be in for a shock.

Hair Transplant Horror US

While there are a lot of good and reputable hair transplant doctors in the US, there are just as many hair transplant horror stories coming from the US. It would be a mistake to think that getting hair transplants in the US will always get you the highest standard of care. As a matter of fact, many US clinics are notorious factory mills for churning out hair transplant horror stories with sub par results. Do not believe that hair transplant clinics in big cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles will always have your best interest at heart.

Hair Transplant Horror US: Outdated Techniques 

Hair Transplant Horror US - Outdated Techniques
Hair Transplant Horror US - Outdated Techniques

Hair transplant horror stories in US are no different from what you may expect from other countries. Typically, the procedure was performed by inexperienced and unscrupulous hair transplant doctors who are not acting in the best interest of their patients. In addition, some hair transplant horror stories in the US are a result of out dated and unsafe techniques. For example, unsafe hair transplant techniques such as scalp reductions and scalp flaps can produce massive scarring and yet they are being used by doctors in the US.

Hair Transplant Horror US: Plugs, Scars & More

Hair Transplant Horror Stories - United States
Hair Transplant Horror Stories - United States

The most commonly reported hair transplant horror stories in US are patients with massive scarring,  pitting, plugs and severely depleted donor sites. It is not uncommon to see hair transplant patients in US being left with a totally disfigured scalp that one can only expect to see from a horror movie.

Hair Transplant Horror US Photos

Hair transplant horror photos shown on this page are all from work performed in the US. These photos show the results of badly scarred hair transplant victim displaying unsightly plugs, massive amount of scars and a grossly disfigured scalp beyond repair.  After 17 unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries in the United States, this patient ended up having to travel to Australia seek repair work from an experienced surgeon.

Where Besides US? 

So where should people go for hair transplants besides US? First off, this is not to say that we should avoid US at all cost. There are bad doctors in every country.  The key is not to make a decision simply thinking that US must have high standards in hair transplantation. The key is to do your research on a doctor by doctor basis rather than blindly believing that a US clinic must be a safe place to go. A good starting place is our Hair Transplant Doctor Reviews section.

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