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Hair Transplant Training US

hair transplant training US
Hair Transplant Training US

Hair transplant is a rewarding career, 
but only if you learn from the BEST !!

Hair Transplant Training Program like you have never seen before!

Calling all doctors and medical practitioners around the world. There is no better place to learn FUE hair transplant than in the United States; and in the United States there is no better clinic for FUE hair transplant training than Dr. Umar's hair clinic in Los Angeles.

Do it right. Do it with Dr. Umar. Author, inventor, pionner and also a top ranked hair restoration surgeon on HairSite for nearly 15 years with the most sophisticated hair transplantation techniques, devices and instruments not available elsewhere.

A Dead Body can be the Most Exciting Thing in Hair Transplant Training

Never before have we featured a world class training program with cadavers set aside for the sole purpose of hair transplant extraction, implantation, and even scalp micro-pigmentation.  No formalin preservation is used which means the cadavers retain human like elasticity in their skin tissue for the most optimal hands on experience in hair transplant training.

Serious Training for the Serious Candidate

If you want world class hair transplant training in the United States, this is the ONLY place to be.  Serious training for the serious candidate. Don't settle for less.

No More Boring Lectures
No More Powerpoint Presentations
No more Demos


Get your Hands Dirty

Hands-on Experience

Life-like Surgical Practice

FUE hair transplant training US
FUE Hair Transplant Training US

Hair Transplant Training US - Topics Covered

This is the MOST EXCITING news in the history of hair transplant physician training.

  • FUE beginners to advanced
  • BHT body hair transplant
  • Facial hair restoration
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash
  • Regular Scalp FUE
  • Recipient site implantation
  • Afro-texture donor extraction
  • Beard donor extraction
  • Body (leg) donor extraction
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • FUE ergonomics
  • Physics & mechanics of FUE
  • FUE rotary punches
  • Non rotary & ultrasonic FUE
  • Unshaven FUE extraction
  • FUE donor management
  • Repair using FUE & BHT
  • Donor complication
  • Recipient site design
  • Maximize FUE yield
  • FUE graft count requirement
  • FUE clinic start up

Dr. Umar Patented Hair Transplant Training Tools, Instruments & Surigcal Images