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Haircut Before Getting Hair Transplant

haircut before hair transplant
Haircut before Hair Transplant

Do you get a Haircut before a Hair Transplant?

If you have  scheduled an upcoming hair transplant procedure, you need to know how to wear your hair before going into the hair clinic on the day of the procedure. This involves the big questions of how long you should grow your hair before the procedure and whether you should get a haircut just before the hair transplant.

The answer: it depends.

How Bald Are You Before the Hair Transplant

If you have extensive baldness prior to the hair transplant procedure, for example, a Norwood 5 or 6, then a haircut or not is irrelevant. It does not matter how long you wear your hair going into the procedure. There is not enough hair on your scalp to make any difference either way.

However, say if you are a Norwood class 3,  you still have a fair amount of hair going into the surery. Then it will make a difference whether you have long or short hair going into the procedure.

Long Hair vs Short Hair Before Hair Transplant

From the hair transplant doctor's perspective, it is best that you have relatively short hair prior to the procedure. The reason is that shorter hair will make it easier for the doctor to extract the donor grafts and transplant them to the recipient sites. Longer hair will get in the way especially with the extraction or donor harvesting process.

From the patient's perspective, longer hair prior to the procedure will function as a great camouflage post op. If a patient is able to keep his hair long, it will cover the donor site nicely without being detected by friends or families. The patient can resume his daily routine faster.

Haircut After a Hair Transplant

How long do you need to wait to get a haircut after a hair transplant? The longer the better. You definitely do not want to go for a haircut just one week after a hair transplant. Post op hair transplant patients are typically left with scabs all over the donor site and recipient site. Besides, the freshly transplanted grafts need time to take and you definitely do not want to do anything that may dislodge the transplanted grafts or damage the area.

Another concern is possible infection caused by shears or cutting tools that are not properly sanitized at the barber shop. Last thing you want is to spend thousands for a hair transplant procedure and have it ruined by a haircut soon afterwards.

As a general guide, it is best to wait until all the scabs on your head have fallen off before getting a haircut post op. This usually takes about 3 weeks after your hair transplant procedure.

More Questions about Hair Transplant?

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