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HDC Hair Transplant Experience

HDC Hair Transplant Experience
HDC Hair Transplant Experience

HDC hair transplant experience, by far the most well documented account of a patient's real life hair transplant experience with HDC clinic in Cyprus.

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic

Located in Cyprus, HDC hair transplant clinic is one of the top ranked hair clinics on HairSite based on number of successful hair transplant results published in our open community. HDC offers FUE technique, FUT strip, BHT (body hair transplant), facial hair restoration and variety of cutting edge hair treatments for men and women. HDC's surgical clinic address is Protagorou 6, Nicosia 1045, Cyprus.

HDC Hair Transplant Experience: Traveling from US

Below is a real life story of HDC hair transplant experience provided by an actual patient. This patient is from the US and after carefully researching all the top doctors and clinics in US, Canada and Europe, this patient finally decided that HDC in Cyprus is the best option. His decision was also inspired by one of his friends who also went to HDC 6 months before his procedure.

HDC Hair Transplant from the eyes of a HIDDEN CAMERA

Unbeknownst to HDC, this patient brought a hidden camera with him and recorded his HDC hair transplant experience. Below are 5 very well documented videos featuring this patient's HDC hair transplant journey from initial arrival in Cyprus to 7 months post op.

Arrival at Cyprus Airport

Below video shows what it is like upon arrival at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. Pickup service is arranged in advance by HDC so that the hair transplant patient can feel at ease upon their arrival knowing that a driver will be there waiting. This video also shows the accommodation arranged by HDC for the patient. You can see it is a very spacious and clean guest apartment in a building owned by HDC.


First Visit to the Hair Clinic

The second video shows patient's first visit to HDC clinic. HDC clinic and surgical facility is located in a building just across the street from HDC gueset apartment. So you can imagine it is very convenient and it will only take minutes for patients to retreat to the guest apartment after surgery. This video footage is also quite interesting in the sense that you can clearly see patient's spy cam (with the help of his travel campanion) capturing the initial consultation with HDC doctors and technicians. The doctors and technicians had no clue they were being videotaped.


Day 1 and Day 2 Post Op

In this video, you can see what HDC hair transplant patient looks like day 1 and 2 after hair surgery. The patient's hair transplant recipient site is full of scabs, which is very commong among all hair transplant procedures. This patient returned to HDC hair transplant clinic for his first shampoo after the procedure. The technician also applied anti biotic ointment all over this scab to prevent infection. In Day 2 post op, you can see very obvious signs of swelling all over the patient's face. This is also very common for all hair transplant procedures.


6 Months Post Op

Here's HDC hair transplant patient's 6 months post op update. As you can see, density and coverage look very impressive with only 3200 FUE grafts. It looked like the majority have the grafts have grown out already at 6 months. The patient also went for his first hair transplant since the surgery.


7 Months Post Op

At 7 months post op, the improvement for this HDC hair transplant patient is remarkable. There is very noticeable thickening between month 6 and 7. The patient also commented how in his own experience, Nizoral shampoo had caused thinning for his crown.

HDC Hair Transplant Experience - Forum Discussion

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