Scalp Head Tattoo Style


Head Tattoo and Scalp Pigmentation Hairstyle

allows you flexibility in choosing from a variety of modern hair styles that suit your needs, it is clean modern style for today's balding men, women and hair loss sufferers.

a message from HIS Hair Clinic:

Many different styles are possible with the MHT® technique. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your preferred style with our team, to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the look you would like to achieve. Of primary importance are the appearance of your recreated hairline and side profiles, the colour and shade of your hair ‘follicles’ and how densely your new ‘follicles’ are placed.

Your frontal hairline and side profiles

The hairline is usually the first thing you see when you look at a persons hair, therefore it is unsurprising that the first question we are often asked is “What will my frontal hairline and side profiles look like?”

Scalp Pigmentation MHT® provides total flexibility, enabling your practitioner to simulate whatever hairline you desire. Choose from soft or defined, slightly receded or further forward, straight or widows peak. Your hairline can be as individual as you are, and will ultimately depend on your style preference, age, skin type and tolerance of change.

A softer hairline suited Ray (pictured above) perfectly. His fair hair and skin tone enabled the areas treated by Scalp Pigmentation MHT® to blend perfectly with his existing hair, to create a soft, natural look.

Medium hairline definition in the above picture.

Dani wasn’t suffering from a major hair loss problem, but after his hairline receded slightly, he decided he wanted a more youthful look. HIS Hair Clinic brought his hairline forward again, and created a defined look to match his existing hair colour and skin tone.

Your Hair Color and Shade

All the pigments we use for our scalp pigmentation procedures are developed specifically to our own specification. Depending on your requirements, your practitioner will create a different pigment colour to exactly match your remaining hair.

The above photograph shows a great example of how MHT pigments blend with lighter hair. All blonde, light brown, white and grey shades can be matched to perfection.

The client above required a darker shade to match the transplanted hair from his strip surgery.

The client above needed an even darker shade. The result is a perfect blend from his real hair to his MHT® ‘follicles’

Whatever colour you require, from medium and dark brown, to jet black and even red hair. We choose your pigments with a great deal of care to ensure a seamless finish from the treated area to your real hair.

Scalp Pigmentation Hair Density Options

Although the ability to finely tune your hair density without the need for transplant donor hair may sound too good to be true, the MHT® technique really does enable the client to leave thinning hair behind, and recreate the style you always wanted.

The client above had a reasonable amount of hair, therefore it was particularly important that the density of his Scalp Pigmentation MHT® treatment perfectly matched his existing hair.

After several years suffering from increasingly thinning hair, Dan (above) was almost completely bald when he came to HIS Hair Clinic, so he could have created virtually any style he wanted. Dan felt however, that a dense look would have been too significant a change, and therefore opted for a lightweight, low density style.

How Should You Choose?

By far the most important consideration when establishing what style to choose is the position, colour and density of any ‘real’ hair you still have. If a natural appearance is your primary concern, we will usually recommend that we match your ‘real’ hair as closely as possible, including the position of your original hairline and side profiles. If you are completely bald, there are many more options available as the treatment is not required to match with any existing hair.

It is important to remember that if your preferences change at a later date, perhaps as you get older and would prefer a slightly receded look, your style can be adapted accordingly. Thanks to our straightforward laser removal process, hairlines can be reshaped, shades can be lightened and densities can be reduced. For more information see our Treatment Revision page.

Ultimately, it is our job to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome of your treatment. We are proud of our excellent client satisfaction record, achieved by providing each person who visits us with a totally personalised experience and treatment. If you want to do something about your thinning hair, but are unsure what hair density you require, please contact us, and we will work with you to tailor the perfect treatment for your individual circumstances.

*HIS Hair Clinic is a paid sponsor of HairSite, the above is an avertisement for HIS Hair clinic. Readers are advised to do their own research and investigation and consult a doctor before proceeding with the procedure as not every person is a good candidate for the treatment.