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Dr. Madhu Hair Transplant Reviews Hyderabad

dr madhu hair transplant reviews hyderabad


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  • FUE

    Follicular unit extraction


    No shave FUE


    FUHT Strip hair transplant

  • SMP

    Scalp Micropigmentation

  • BHT

    Body hair to scalp transplant


    Moustache, goatee, beard restoration


    Eyebrow transplant


    Eyelash transplant


    Hair transplant repair

  • PRP

    Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy


    Hair regrowth via stem cell building blocks


    Hair follicle stem cells banking

About Dr. Madhu 

dr madhu hair transplant reviews hyderabad

Dr.Madhu is among the first to introduce the advanced techniques of hair restoration surgery to India. He is primarily a Dermatologist and Dermato surgeon who has been performing hair transplant surgeries for the past ten years. Following the advent of newer techniques and advancements in hair restoration surgery across the world, Dr. Madhu developed an yielding passion for hair restoration. Dr. Madhu always strives to learn the most sophisticated and latest techniques performed across the world. Presently, Dr. Madhu performs hair restoration procedures exclusively and therefore leaving his dermatology and cosmetic dermatology practice for associate dermatologists in his team.

According to Dr. Madhu, he is the only hair transplant surgeon in India to have the honor of receiving the highest certification available in the world in hair restoration surgery, which was awarded by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery), after successful completion of the exam conducted by that board. Because of this honor, Dr. Madhu can now use the term “Diplomat of American board of Hair Restoration Surgery”.  In addition, he is also an active member of “International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery” (ISHRS), and has thousands of successful hair transplantations to his credit.

His expertise involves artistic designing of hair line which mimics the natural hairline, as he is a gifted artist.

"Our Philosophy is to learn the latest scientific information and to master the best techniques available around the world in the field of hair restoration. We update ourselves by attending all the relevant international workshops and conferences to deliver the best to the needy people at a very affordable price. Moreover, we believe in educating and providing real information to the patients who show interest in learning more about the realities in this field. Last but not least, we have utmost passion towards this field and we thrive for excellence." - Dr. Madhu

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FIRST in Hair Transplantation **

* First Hair Transplant surgeon in India to receive certification by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

* First to practice "Ultra refined Follicular Unit Grafting" method in Hair restoration surgery.

* First to use Stereo Microscopes for dissection and Mantis Microscopes for slivering.

* First to perform " Super mega sessions" ( more than 2800 follicular units per session)

* First to perform "open method of dissection" that nullifies the wastage of follicles.

* First Surgeon to practice "Non touch technique" of implantation which increases the survival rate of the follicles.

* First to practice"Trichophytic closure technique " to minimize the scar of the donor area.

* First Hair Transplant surgeon to practice " Four hook method" of dissection.

*First to use " Micro-blades" (0.7-0.9mm) for making micro-incisions.

* First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to perform "Vitiligo surgery Blister Grafting method" (1994).

* First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to treat Psoriasis and Vitiligo by PUVA method (1995).

* Performed First Hair Transplantation surgery in Andhra Pradesh using Punch grafting method (1994).

** First according to Dr. Madhu, not verified by HairSite

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Dr. Madhu Hair Transplant Cost Hyderabad - India

dr madhu hair transplant cost

Dr. Madhu hair transplant cost Hyderabad India. We obtained the pricing from Dr. Madhu clinic. Please note that pricing may change from time to time and also depending on the complexity of the patient's needs. It is very important that you check directly with Dr. Madhu's team during consultation for the most accurate pricing scheme. Information presented here are for general reference only and may not be accurate or updated on a regular basis.

Hair transplantation surgery at Dr. Madhu's clinic cost a nominal price of $ 1 (Rs 50/-) per follicular unit (FUT method) and $ 5 (Rs. 240/-) in FUE method

Charges may vary especially if it involves special surgeries like hair transplant without removing the existing hair, body hair transplantation, beard hair transplantation, and eyebrow surgery etc.

With respect to Strip FUT method, Dr. Madhu's clinic can perform anywhere from 1500 grafts up to a maximum of 5000 grafts (8000 hair follicles) per session or even higher if the patient's donor allows for extensive harvesting. FUE method, on the other hand, starts at a minimum of 400 grafts and upward.

Hair Transplant VIP Pricing

In addition, Dr. Madhu's clinic offers exclusive VIP pricing for celebrities and high profile patients. Dr. Madhu and his team can make special arrangement for VIP and special guests who require privacy and high end service throughout.

Dr. Madhu and his entire team will concentrate only on you. Those who require VIP arrangement can make appointment a month earlier with a 50% deposit upfront. .

VIP pricing  starts at $ 3 (Rs. 150/-) per unit (FUT).

Special Cosmetic Correction Facilities

Dr. Madhu's clinic also offers distinctive facilities like lunch time FUE of 200 grafts @ Rs.50,000/- and lunch time FUT of 800 grafts @ Rs. 40,000/- which take about 2 to 2 ½ hrs to complete.


* Individuals with busy schedule can find this service very convenient.

* It is ideal for people who only require a small number of grafts.

* First time hair transplant patients may find this option appealing as it offers a chance for the patient to experience what hair transplantation is about without committing to a large session and commitment.

* For the people who want to have a Test Hair transplantation before the major Hair transplantation procedure.

* For correcting female hair-lines and aesthetic redesign. These sessions really work wonders in the process of artistic redesigning of the female hairline.

* These special cosmetic corrections caught the fascination of many television anchors and film actors who started bestowing them.

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