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Hair transplant cost Istanbul Turkey

Hair transplant cost at Dr. Koray Erdogan's ASMED hair restoration clinic located in Istanbul Turkey.

While many clinics in the world have a very secretive policy when it comes to hair transplant pricing, ASMED is as straight forward as it can get with their hair transplant cost in Istanbul Turkey. Unlike many clinics in the world that has different pricing schemes for different individuals depending on their country of origin, Dr. Koray adopts an open and honest policy with full transparency across the board for all his patients regardless of where they are traveling from. People coming from countries like the UK or U.S will no longer have to fear that they will be overcharged for their procedures because they come from relatively affluent parts of the world.

Hair Transplant Cost - Pricing per Graft

Hair transplant procedures are commonly expressed at price per graft.

Hair transplant  cost Istanbul Turkey pricing at ASMED clinic: 2.5 Euro/graft, that is for each transplanted follicular unit. Price is the same for residents worldwide, including Turkish citizens.

Travel and accommodation arrangement services for overseas patients: 300 Euro (lump sum). Services are mandatory for every international patient. They include: transports from airports to the clinic (or the validated hotel) and vice versa, the personal assistant and translator during consultation and operation days, meals in the Clinic during the operation days for the patient and his possible partner and, in the end, any necessary product for the post-operation time.

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Treatment Cost

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP hair treatment cost: 300 Euro (optional treatment). PRP treatment consists in the utilization of a high-density platelet gel, obtained through the centrifugation of a small quantity of patient’s blood. This is a medical procedure known since the Seventies with a proved efficiency in promoting tissues regeneration. That will produce general benefits regarding the post-operatory recover and, consequently, the final result.