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HairMax Hair Growth Trial Photos

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Trial Before & After Photos

Actual clinical study photos, including macro photos are shown below. Photos provided by physicians and hair loss specialist showing the results their clients have experienced are also shown.

hairmax laser hair growth trial photos
Patient 1: The photo set demonstrates substantial new hair growth and increased density. After 26 weeks, the hair is dramatically thicker and coarser.
hairmax hair growth photos
Patient 2: Significantly hair growth, thicker individual hairs & increased density. Thin hairs have become thicker hairs. Higher hair count per sq.cm

hairmax hair growth results

hairmax hair loss treatment photos

hairmax before and after photos

hairmax hair growth patient photos

Can Laser Therapy Reverse Severe Baldness?

While later therapy can be very beneficial for people with initial thinning, those with severe baldness may not see a drastic improvement by using laser therapy alone. 

People with extensive baldness should consider hair transplant procedures instead. When done correctly by a skilled surgeon, hair transplant is presently the only option that can get you a cosmetically acceptable hair coverage. 

Below is a before and after hair transplant patient result. The clinic responsible for this amazing transformation is Hasson & Wong hair clinic in Vancouver, Canada. They are presently a Top 3 clinics in the world according to HairSite patient results statistics. 

Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Vancouver Canada
Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Vancouver Canada

To learn more about hair transplant procedures, arrange a free consultation by emailing info@hassonandwong.com or meet with one of H&W representatives in person in a city near you, click FREE hair transplant consultations schedule for details.