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Why Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Works

Laser hair regrowth treatment
Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment

Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment

Laser hair regrowth treatment has been around for many years. It is also referred to as Low Level Laser Theray or LLLT. There are brands such as HairMax, iRestore and Laser Cap etc that have received US FDA clearance to be marketed as a device for hair regrowth. HairMax is the first ever that has received such a clearance from FDA.

FDA clearance is important because it establishes the device's effectiveness in promoting hair regrowth for men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. A laser hair regrowth device can sell for as much as US$500 or higher. There is certainly a lot of money to be made for any company that is able to obtain FDA's seal of approval.

Laser Hair Regrowth FDA Trials

In one of the laser hair regrowth studies submitted to FDA, the trial was designed to support the 510K submission to the government and complied in accordance with GCP (Good Clinical Practices). The objectives of the study in males were to assess the following:

  • promotion of hair growth through changes in hair density;
  • cessation of hair loss;
  • scalp overall health;
  • safety;

Trial results were impressive. Subjects in the laser hair regrowth treatment group had significantly greater increase in mean terminal hair density (19.80 cm2) vs subjects in the placebo group (-7.60 cm2) (p<0.0001). Subjects in the treatment group also had significantly better subjective assessment of overall hair regrowth than the placebo group. No participant experienced a serious adverse event and the adverse event profiles were similar between the two treatment groups.

This is all great but WHY does laser hair regrowth treatment work? What are the biochemistry mechanisms behind laser therapy that make it effective in promoting new hair growth?

Well, these questions remain unanswered as they are not within the mandate of the FDA. FDA is more concerned about safety and effectiveness. It is not their mandate to find out the why and how a particular drug or medical device treats diseases. However, we have the answer now. Read below.

Why Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Works?

Over the years, laser hair loss treatment manufacturers put forth very weak explanations as to why laser therapy can regrow hair. Many cite laser therapy stimulate blood circulation on the scalp as the main reason. Others say the laser light energizes weakened follicles, improve scalp health etc. All very very weak explanations, seriously lacking in scientific substance. In our opinion, this is just the manufacturer's way of saying they have no idea why laser therapy works for hair loss.

Real Reason Why Laser Therapy Regrows Hair

Mystery solved!

Finally, we have come across real scientific explanation as to why laser hair regrowth treatment works. Thanks to a brand new study published jointly by the Department of Dermatology at Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology  in China.

The researchers used in vitro culture of human hair follicles in the study. The study evaluated different intensities of laser lights and LEDs and it was concluded that 655-nm red light + LED was the most effective in stimulating hair growth.

According to the researchers, "655-nm red light + LED not only enhanced hair shaft elongation, but also reduced catagen transition in human hair follicle organ culture, with the greatest effectiveness observed at 5 min" of usage. The researchers further discovered that the laser therapy accomplished this by enhancing the expression of various signaling molecules of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway in the hair matrix.

So now we finally have the answer. A real scientific explanation as to why laser hair regrowth treatment works.  Activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling is involved in hair growth-promoting effect of 655-nm red light and LED in vitro.

What is Wnt Pathway Signaling?

Wnt signaling regulates stem cell activity as a proliferative and self-renewal signal. In a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Kwack MH et al indicated that a higher than normal level of androgen-inducible Dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) protein have been found in biopsies of scalp skin taken from balding men.

It is suggested and later proven in mice study that DKK-1 inhibits Wnt signaling pathway and, consequently, stem cell division; resulting in a shortening of the growth cycle or anagen phase of hair follicles.

Dr. Mark V. Dahl who has reviewed Kwach MH et al's study further reiterated that stem cells and proper Wnt pathway signaling facilitate normal hair growth. In addition, certain Wnt proteins, such as Wnt10b, have been shown to promote hair follicle growth in organ culture.

So there you have it, finally a scientific explanation why laser therapy for hair loss works.

why laser hair regrowth treatment works
Why Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Works

Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment - What to Expect

If you are a norwood class 3 or worse, then forget about it. Low level laser therapy will not give you the results you want. Laser hair regrowth treatment works best when you are noticing initial signs of hair loss. If you have been losing your hair for over a couple years or if you have clear bald patches, laser therapy will not give you the improvement you want.

Questions about Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment?

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