Dr. Umar Hair Transplant peer reviewed scientific publications authored by Dr. Umar hair restoration surgeon.

In the medical world, doctors and researchers get their recognition via scientific peer reviewed publications. Dr. Umar most certainly has his fair share of research publications that earn him high praises from the hair restoration community. Below are some of the recent scientific publications authored by Dr. Umar and validated in the hair restoration and plastic surgery community:

Archives of Dermatology Journal - The Transplanted Hairline, Leg Room for Improvement, "The use of leg hair in transplantation provides additional options in patients with hairlines that need to be refined.".

Annals of Plastic Surgery - Head Transplantation in Patients with Inadequate Head Donor, "Although hair length and quality, surgery time, and the requirement for improved surgical skills remain challenges when using this technique, the sufficiently good outcomes from these selected candidates suggest that this technique may offer the possibility of restoring even severely bald states to normality in patients who would otherwise not be candidates for traditional hair transplantation surgery."

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery - Use of beard hair as a donor source to camouflage the linear scars of follicular unit hair transplant.

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